Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018

Badlands launches Approach FX

Approach, Badlands launches Approach FX

Approach FX is a camo with a color palette more suited to hunters in the Midwest and East.

Building a brand takes years of hard work. Just ask the folks at Badlands, a Utah-based manufacturer of quality hunting packs and hunting apparel that was founded in 1992. The original intent was to create gear that was “based on the pursuit of unconditional perfection and quality.”

Now, a quarter century later, Badlands is recognized for doing just that. And it backs that up with a lifetime unconditional warranty.

“At Badlands, customer service and honoring our warranty is number one,” says Blake VanTussenbrook, Badlands marketing manager. “This means that whatever happens to your pack or your apparel, we will fix it or replace it, no matter what. If we weren’t completely confident in our products, we couldn’t offer this warranty.”

At this point, many manufacturers would not want to mess with such success. Not Badlands. In the beginning, the manufacturer had built its products using licensed camouflage patterns. In 2017, it decided to go in a new direction by introducing Badlands Approach, a new proprietary digital camouflage pattern that allows hunters to adapt to a variety of surroundings.

The neutral color palette creates visual confusion through numerous layers of colors and shapes that work in changing light and vegetation. Approach is available on Badlands’ iconic packs, but there is also an assortment of Field Systems technical apparel for every hunting scenario, from spring gobbler hunts to Western mule deer hunts.

But while Badlands Approach can cover a wide variety of hunting situations, the manufacturer received customer feedback that the pattern was a little too Western-focused, with too much green for late-season whitetail hunts.

So for 2018, Badlands is releasing Approach FX, with a color palette more suited to Midwestern and Eastern hunting. Approach FX features more brown, tan, and neutral tones to blend in with hardwood forests. The line has 20 new apparel pieces and several packs designed with the Eastern hunter in mind. The layering system includes designs specifically to help stand hunters cope with extreme cold.

“Badlands Approach was developed over five years through trial and error, and Approach FX is no different,” says VanTussenbrook. “We put different versions of the camouflage into action in many different states in order to dial in on a final version that is ultra-versatile. Just like Badlands Approach camouflage took the hunting world by storm in 2017, we have no doubt that hunters will instantly see how effective Approach FX will be in their hunting grounds and want to put it into action.” (badlandspacks.com)

—Jodi Stemler