Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018


Browning and Leupold have teamed up to create a rifle-optics combo for hog hunters.

Hog hunters have never had it so good
Put a bunch of gun writers together at a manufacturer seminar and very quickly their competitive juices start flowing. That’s exactly what happened last summer at a Browning seminar in southern Utah. There were long-range targets set up for centerfire rifles, and an abbreviated sporting clays layout for the one got the bright idea to set up a contest to see who could hit the sporting clays rabbit using the Browning BAR MK3 DBM (detachable box magazine) fitted with a Leupold Hog Hunter scope.

It took numerous tries, but finally one shooter nailed it. He was instantly saluted with a loud chorus of cheers. While I was shooting, I realized this setup would make for an ideal hog gun. It would also do quite nicely as a truck gun.

No need to formally introduce the BAR to you. Anyone in this business knows its storied heritage. But the MK 3 DBM in .308 (SRP: $1,469.99) is a recent entry to the line.

“The sporting BAR’s contemporary design offers shooters and hunters a lightweight semi-automatic rifle with refinements not present in most popular modern sporting rifles, including a gas-piston design,” says Scott Grange, Browning’s director of public relations and shooting promotions. “The gas-piston design mitigates shooter-perceived recoil and reduces excessive carbon residue that other modern gas-impingement designs vent into the moving parts of the action. Like most modern sporting rifles, the BAR utilizes a multi-lug rotary bolt—a component that allows for a lightweight alloy receiver.”

Grange also notes that the BAR MK3 feels and handles like a hunting rifle because “it is a hunting rifle. It’s lightweight, quick to shoulder, and quick to point,” something we all experienced while trying to track that crazy rabbit as it rolled across the hard-packed dirt in front of us.

The Leupold VX-HOG 1–4x20mm scope (SRP: $324.99) on the MK 3 DBM features what Leupold calls the “Pig Plex” reticle. It has been designed to provide quick target acquisition, something hog hunters need when they’re tracking a moving animal in thick cover.

Many hunters are now showing a decided preference for combo packages; it simplifies the entire buying process for them. This is an ideal combination, mating two brands known for durable, quality products. (browning.com; leupold.com)

—Slaton L. White