Volume 25, Number 7 December 2017

Vancouver, BC – Cotton Carrier Systems has introduced a new line of camera harnesses that are completely redesigned with new features, greater flexibility and more options for active photographers. The new G3 Camera Harnesses provide added comfort with a more stylish, ergonomic design to keep cameras safe and accessible while allowing photographers to go hands free for total mobility.

New features on the G3 Camera Harnesses include popular color options in Realtree Xtra® Camouflage and Charcoal Grey, more padding on shoulder straps and back panel for balanced weight distribution, two front pockets, breathable rear stretch pocket to store extra gear, and a quieter lens stabilization strap. Plus, a new camera rain cover folds into itself to stay out of the way until it’s needed.

G3 Camera Harnesses, Cotton Carrier

The Cotton Carrier’s new G3 line offers a custom fit with quick clips that make harnesses easier to put on and take off, and adjustable speed straps on the shoulder and waist bands guarantee a tailored fit. A new larger back panel distributes weight better to reduce fatigue and is now ventilated to keeps photographers cool.

This new harness line maintains Cotton Carrier’s patented Twist & Lock camera mount, which secures DSLR or Mirrorless cameras using C&C machine anodized aluminum components. The patented Universal Tripod Adapter allows for direct mounting to a tripod so equipment is always safe.

Cotton Carrier is proud to partner with Realtree to offer wildlife photographers the new G3 line using Realtree Xtra® Camouflage materials. This exclusive pattern blends in with a variety of habitats throughout the year. “We heard from a lot of wildlife shooters who loved our harnesses, but felt the black exterior was too military. So, we collaborated with the premier camo pattern makers in Realtree to upgrade our most popular line,” says Andy Cotton, Co-Founder of Cotton Carrier.

Cotton Carrier also offers the new harness line using Kodra Synthetic canvas in stylish Charcoal Grey. All models include rain shells, anodized aluminum camera hub with rubber washers, mounting bolts, tether straps, tether split-rings and an allen key.

The new redesigned camera harnesses are available in three styles, including the CCS G3 Camera Harness-1 to secure one DSLR camera with a long lens, the CCS G3 Camera Harness-2 for one or two cameras of any body type and a variety of lenses, and the CCS G3 Camera Harness for 1 Camera and 1 Binocular which secures any size camera and holds binoculars horizontally.

“At Cotton Carrier, we are always trying to improve upon what we create. We talked with customers to find out what they wanted and redesigned our most popular harnesses to reflect requests for an easier fit, more comfortable design, added pockets and more stylish colors. We are excited to provide these upgrades to benefit photographers,” explained Brook Parker, Co-Founder of Cotton Carrier.

About Cotton Camera Carrier Systems
Andy Cotton worked as a Special Effects Supervisor in the film industry for over 26 years. Later, as a professional landscape photographer, he set out to design a camera-carrying solution that was comfortable, secure, and accessible – without moving parts that could fail, jam, or break. He designed Cotton Carrier Camera Systems with top-quality materials that are functional and reliable in all situations. Andy is proud to release his newest G3 Camera Harnesses to photographers worldwide.

For more information on the Cotton Carrier G3 Camera Harnesses, go to www.cottoncarrier.com. See them in action at www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOlIy73nDt0 and www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m5kO6du65E.