Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018

Sam Hixson

EDMOND, OKLAHOMA October 26, 2017 – Hall-N-Hall Consulting., A Family based consulting firm for the Shooting Sports, today announced the promotion of Sam Hixson to Strategy Officer. Sam will have the primary responsibility for assisting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives.

“Sam has been a key part of our success, and we were thrilled to promote him to this important position,” said Stephen Hall the, President and Founder of Hall-N-Hall.

Sam Hixson, joined the company in 2016 as one of the Company consultants and quickly rose to several supervisory and management positions. Mr. Hixson in the past has been in the retail field for several years. Starting with high end apparel sales. Sam’s work ethic is strong and he quickly earned his way into an administrative role. With experience in purchasing and receiving as well as merchandising.

Hall-N-Hall started in 2014 as a Digital Marketing Consultant. The company was transformed in 2016 to cover all aspects of business consulting. The team at Hall-N-Hall has combined over 100 years of Business experience.

Our focus is to help retail, services, and manufacturing businesses become more organized, more productive, and more profitable.

The Company’s web site www.HallNHall.com