Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018

Manufacturers are offering an interesting mix of new handguns this year, running the gamut from several new .22 rimfire models through dedicated competition guns. You’ll also see a number of new compact concealed-carry pistols, plenty of 1911 models, and more than a few new polymer-framed guns, including those designed specifically for use by officers of the law.

The Thompson Custom 1911TC (SRP: $813) is chambered for .45 ACP in a full-size 5-inch barrel 1911. Overall length is 8.5 inches; empty weight is 39 ounces. The frame is constructed from 420 stainless-steel casting, the slide from solid stainless-steel billet. The 1911TC features black low-profile front and rear sights that are dovetailed into the slide. The ejection port is flared, and the slide has front and rear cocking serrations that are machined with a slight angle. The mainspring housing is checkered, and the front strap is machine-checkered at 20 lpi. Additional features include an adjustable trigger, combat hammer, full-length recoil guide rod, extended beavertail grip safety, extended magazine release button, a single side-checkered slide-stop lever, and checkered laminated grip panels. A matte finish with laser-engraved markings complete the package, including the distinctive Thompson bullet logo on the slide and a bullet inlay on the grip panel. It ships with one 7-round magazine. (508-795-3919; auto-ordnance.com)


The new A1 Desert Tan and Compact Desert Tan 1911-22LR models feature a new composite frame in the popular color. The 1911-22LRs are scaled down to 85 percent of John M. Browning’s original .45 ACP Model to make them ideal for plinking, hunting, and target shooting. These new lightweight models are even lighter than the aluminum frame 1911-22LR models: The Desert Tan A1 weighs only 14 ounces and has a 4.5-inch barrel, while the Compact Desert Tan version weighs 13.5 ounces, with a 35⁄8-inch barrel. Both feature machined aluminum slides in a matte black finish. SRP: $579. (801-876-2711; browning.com)


The CZ P-09 is CZ’s full-size polymer 9mm semi-auto pistol offering 19+1 capacity with a flush-fitting magazine in a standard service-size pistol. Featuring the versatile Omega DA/SA trigger system, the gun is shipped with decocker levers installed, but can be converted to a manual safety-system pistol with the included parts and instructions. The CZ P-09 also includes interchangeable back-straps (small, medium, and large) that allows the shooter to customize the pistol’s grip to their hand size for the optimal trigger-finger positioning. An integral Picatinny 1913 rail on the dust cover allows the use of lights or add-on lasers.


The P-09 Suppressor-Ready (SRP: $577) is available in 9mm. It has low sights and an extended muzzle that is threaded with 1⁄2-28 threads to accept a variety of aftermarket suppressors. The P-09 Flat Dark Earth (SRP: $596) features a flat dark earth frame coupled with tritium three-dot night sights.

The CZ P-07 is the updated version of the compact CZ 75 P-07 Duty. The debut of the full-size P-09 last year brought refined lines and interchangeable backstraps to the CZ Omega polymer pistol line, and this year the P-07 follows suit. Available in 9mm (SRP: $510) and .40 S&W (SRP: $524), the new CZ P-07 offers the same ability to shift from a decocker to a manual safety in mere minutes and with simple tools. It features a new nitrate slide finish and a snag-free hammer. The entire pistol has been dehorned to remove any sharp edges to make it comfortable for all-day carry. Interchangeable backstraps (small, medium, and large) allow shooters to fit the gun to their hand for the proper trigger reach, and a newly designed trigger shape improves shooter control and comfort. A 1913 dust cover rail, metal three-dot sights, front and rear cocking serrations, and a beefed-up magazine spring complete the upgrades.

The new CZ 75 B Omega (SRP: $544) features a simpler and more robust version of the CZ-75 trigger system. The interlocking design of the new trigger system allows for easier detail stripping without the need for tools. The trigger parts themselves are made from more durable materials for enhanced service life.

Under the Dan Wesson banner, 2014 will see a new high-end 9mm competition pistol as well as a compact-carry model. Serious action-pistol competitors get a new high-capacity double-stack-magazine 9mm 1911 that offers 21+1 rounds on tap with the DW Elite Series Chaos (SRP: $3,829). Hand-built on a double-stack frame, the Chaos features a black matte finish, fiber-optic sights with a fully adjustable rear sight, front and rear cocking serrations, a 1913 Picatinny rail, and a match-tuned trigger.

The DW Guardian (SRP: $1,558) is a Commander-size 1911 with an anodized-aluminum bobtail frame and main-spring housing, black Duty finish, tritium night sights, and a Commander-length steel slide. While this was already available in 9mm and .45 ACP, 2014 sees the introduction of a chambering in .38 Super. (800-955-4486; cz-usa.com)

Two new models join the Glock product line this year: a new Gen 4 Tactical .45 ACP and an ultra-compact .380 ACP. The new Glock 41 Gen4 .45 ACP is a practical/tactical pistol designed to maximize the sight radius and barrel length while maintaining light weight and balance. It is built with a G34 slide width on a G21 Gen4 frame, and at 24 ounces empty weight it is 1.5 ounces lighter than the G21 Gen4. The G41 Gen4 features a 5.31-inch barrel. Sight radius is 7.56 inches with its polymer sights. Width is 1.28 inches. The standard trigger is the 5.62-pound module, and the double-stack magazine holds 13 rounds. It features all of the standard Gen4 features, including the Modular Back Strap design, rough-textured frame surface, and dual-recoil-spring assembly. Overall length is 8.90 inches. Height is 5.47 inches with the magazine inserted.

That’s a full-size pistol. But, for those who want something smaller, the new Glock 42 .380 ACP should do the job. It’s the smallest pistol Glock has ever made. This ultra-compact .380 pistol weighs in at 12.35 ounces empty. Its overall length is 5.94 inches; barrel length is 3.25 inches. It features the standard 5.62-pound trigger module, polymer sights, and a six-round magazine capacity. (770-432-1202; glock.com)

New for 2014 is a larger-frame addition to the Kahr CT, a 4-inch barrel handgun with a single-stack magazine and double-action-only trigger series. The new CT4043 is chambered for .40 S&W and ships with one 7-round stainless-steel magazine, for a 7+1 capacity. It is built on a black polymer frame with a stainless-steel slide and wears Kahr’s very effective white bardot fixed sights. Empty weight is 19.7 ounces. The overall length is 6.5 inches, and the height is 5.13 inches. The slide width is a slim .94 inches.


The new CT4543 is also built on a black polymer frame with a stainless-steel slide and also features Kahr’s white bar-dot sights. Chambered for .45 ACP, it has a 7+1 capacity and ships with one 7-round stainless-steel magazine. Empty weight is 21.4 ounces. Overall length is 6.57 inches, height is 5.25 inches, and the slide width is 1.01 inches. SRP for both: $499.

In addition to the new compact models, Kahr will also introduce a new full-frame CT40 and CT45. The first value-priced full-frame firearm offerings from Kahr, the new CT4043 (.40 S&W) and the CT4543 (.45 ACP) feature a polymer frame with a stainless-steel slide and white bar-dot sight configuration. The CT4043 has a 4-inch barrel. Overall length is 6.5 inches; height is 5.13 inches. The slide width is slightly less than 1 inch and it weighs 21.8 ounces with the magazine, making it very slim, lightweight, and perfect for concealed carry. The CT4543 has a barrel length of 4.04 inches. Overall length is 6.57 inches, and the height is 5.25 inches. Slide width is 1.01 inches, and the gun weighs 23.7 ounces with the magazine. Both models feature a 7+1 capacity and ship with one 7-round stainless-steel magazine. SRP: $499. (508-795-3919; kahr.com)

For the last three years, Magnum Research has offered the classic 1911 Gov’t model .45 ACP in a full-size 5-inch model and in a Commander-length version. For 2014, the company will now expand that line with a 3-inch ultra-compact model—the Undercover (model DE1911U). SRP: $946.

The Undercover is chambered for .45 ACP and features a 3-inch bull barrel with an 11-degree muzzle crown. It uses the Series 70 operating action that is much admired by 1911 aficionados. Built on an ultralight frame constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, it incorporates a 4140 high-carbon-steel slide. The sights are a fully adjustable (for windage and elevation) rear sight and a ramp front sight. Standard features include a checkered front strap and mainspring housing, double-diamond checkered wood-grip panels secured with stainless-steel hex screws, a skeletonized combat-style hammer, an aluminum trigger, and a high-rise beavertail safety. The Undercover has a 6+1 magazine capacity and is shipped with two 6-round magazines. (508-635-4273; magnumresearch.com)

The International 715P semi-auto pistol is a synthetic-stocked MSR tactical-style platform, with no buttstock and just a pistol grip, but it is chambered for .22LR with a 6-inch 1:16-inch-twist barrel that sports an A2-style flash hider. Feeding from a detachable magazine, standard features include an upper Picatinny rail with a short, ventilated quad rail on the forearm. Rail-mounted, removable, and adjustable iron sights are standard on all models. Empty weight is 3 pounds with iron sights, 3.5 pounds with the UTG 1x30mm red-dot sight. The 715P will be available in five models for 2014.

The Model 37235 is the basic iron-sighted pistol with a 25-round magazine (a magazine loader is included). The Model 37236 is the same pistol, but with a 10-round magazine (to comply with the regulations in certain states) that has the same profile as the 25-round magazine. The Model 37251 is the base gun with a 25-round magazine. Additional features include a UTG 1x30mm electronic red-dot sight that sits high enough above the iron sights to over-look them. The UTG sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and allows the shooter to choose between red or green illumination. The Model 37252 is the UTG-equipped pistol, identical to the 37251, but with the state-mandated 10-round magazine. The above four pistols are finished in a black matte. (800-363-3555; mossberg.com)

Three new 9mm 1911 patterned handguns enter the Para line this year. The Expert 9mm (SRP: $663) is a classic full-size single stack 1911 with a 5-inch match-grade barrel. It features a carbon steel frame, oversize and flared ejection port, beavertail grip safety, adjustable skeletonized trigger, polymer grips, green fiber-optic front sight, and a black nitride finish. It ships with two 9-round magazines.

The Black Ops Recon 9 (SRP: $1,299) is built on a double-stack stainless steel frame/slide with a ramped 4.25-inch match-grade barrel. It features an oversize and flared ejection port, beavertail grip safety, ambidextrous thumb safeties, adjustable skeletonized trigger, black IonBond finish, VZ G10 grip panels, and three-dot Trijicon sights. It ships with two 18-round 9mm magazines.

The compact Warthog 9mm (SRP: $884) is built on a double-stack aluminum frame with a black anodized finish. The barrel is a stainless-steel 3-inch match grade. Features include a beavertail grip safety, adjustable skeletonized trigger, polymer grips, black nitride finish, and a green fiber-optic front sight. It ships with two double-stack 14-round magazines. (704-930-7600; para-usa.com)

This year sees some significant additions to SIG’s handgun line. Among them is a law-enforcement-oriented modular handgun that allows the shifting of size, weight, barrel length, and even caliber, from one basic handgun model. A new compact .380 ACP, designed for discreet carry, also makes an appearance. Two new traditional 9mm DA/SA models and a pair of new 1911 .45 ACP pistols complete SIG’s 2014 additions to its handgun line.

The new P320 Modular Pistol was designed for law-enforcement use. It allows departments to take a basic pistol and, through the use of interchangeable grips, interchangeable grip/frame shells with steel inserts, and different barrels and slides, modify one basic model to full-size duty configuration or compact and sub-compact models for plain-clothes or back-up use. It will be available in 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, and calibers can also be interchanged with the modular design.

The base pistol features a polymer frame with a 1913 rail and a Nitron-finished slide equipped with Siglite Night Sights. The striker-fired operating action produces a trigger pull of 5.5 to 6.5 pounds. The P320 will be offered in three complete pistol models (SRP: $713 for each) that are ready for service as is, but can be modified to any of the other model configurations.

The Full Size model features a 4.7-inch barrel and weighs in at 29.4 ounces, empty. Overall length is 8 inches, width is 1.4 inches, and height is 5.5 inches. Magazine capacity in this model is 17 rounds in 9mm, 14 rounds in .357 SIG and .40 S&W, and 10 rounds in .45 ACP.

The Carry model features a 3.9-inch barrel and the empty weight is 26.9 ounces. Overall length is 7.2 inches, width is 1.3 inches (using the standard grip), and height is 5.1 inches. Magazine capacity is 15 rounds in 9mm, 13 rounds in .357 SIG and .40 S&W, and 9 rounds in .45 ACP.

The Sub-Compact model features a 3.6-inch barrel and an empty weight of 24.9 ounces. Overall width is 1.1 inches, length is 6.7 inches, and height is 4.7 inches. Capacity is 12 rounds in 9mm, 10 rounds in .357 SIG and .40 S&W, and 6 rounds in .45 ACP.

The P290RS-380 (SRP: $570) is a .380 ACP addition to the sub-compact line. Built on a polymer frame, it features a 2.9-inch barrel and weighs in at 17-5 ounces. It uses a DOA action with repeat-strike capability, and SIG claims a trigger pull of 9 pounds. Siglite Night Sights are included, and an integral laser model is available as an option. Magazine capacity is 6 rounds.

The M11-A1 Desert (SRP: $1,221) is built on an alloy frame using polymer grip panels with a stainless-steel slide. Frame and slide are coated in flat dark earth Cerakote, and internal parts are corrosion resistant. Chambered for 9mm with a 15-round magazine capacity (it ships with three 15-round magazines), it uses a traditional DA/SA operating trigger system. SIG states the DA pull is 10 pounds and the SA pull is 4.4 pounds with a short reset trigger. Barrel length is 3.9 inches. Overall length is 7.1 inches and width is 1.5 inches. Empty weight is 32 ounces.

Siglite Night Sights are standard, and this model does not sport an accessory rail.
The MK-25 Desert shares all the features of the M11-A1 Desert except that it uses a 4.4-inch barrel, weighs 34.4 ounces, and has a 1913 rail on the dust cover. SRP: $1,213.

Fans of the classic 1911 have not been ignored this year, as SIG introduces a new stainless-steel model in full and Commander sizes. The 1911 Railed-Nickel (SRP: $1,185) is a full-size 5-inch-barrel single-action semi-auto built on a stainless-steel frame. The frame and stainless-steel slide are finished in Nickel PVD. It features a 1913 rail, beavertail grip safety, steel mag well, custom Brown Vector grip panels, and low-profile night sights.

Chambered for .45 ACP, the magazine capacity is 8 rounds. Empty weight is 41.6 ounces. Overall width is 1.4 inches, the length is 8.7 inches, and the height is 5.5 inches. SIG states the single-action trigger pull breaks at 5 pounds.

The 1911 Railed-Nickel compact (1911CO-45-NI) shares all of the features of the full-size model except it is a Commander-size gun with a 4.2-inch barrel. It uses seven-round magazines and does not have a rail on the dust cover. Empty weight is 35.5 ounces, the length is 7.7 inches, height is 4.8 inches, and the overall width is 1.4 inches. SRP: $1,185. (603-772-2302; sigsauer.com)

A new compact DA concealed-carry small-framed revolver enters Taurus’ product line this year. The View, named for its distinctive translucent polycarbonate right side plate that reveals the internal action mechanism, is a five-shot DA revolver based upon the Model 85 and chambered for .38 Special. The aluminum frame, 1.41-inch titanium barrel with a steel liner, and titanium cylinder result in an empty weight of 9 ounces. A new grip shape and rigid polymer grip is designed to sit back in the palm and reduce muzzle flip. Sights are a fixed rear and fixed serrated ramp front. It includes a transfer bar safety and the Taurus Security System. SRP: $599. (800-327-3776; taurususa.com)


For 2014 Walther expands its PPQ product line with the addition of a 5-inch centerfire model and a .22LR that will be available in three SKU variations.The PPQ M2 5-Inch (SRP: $749) is available in a 15-round capacity in 9mm and an 11-round capacity in .40 S&W. It features a 5-inch barrel with the PPQ Quick Defense Trigger that operates from a pre-cocked position and provides a constant 5.6-pound trigger pull weight.

Finished in a matte black, the overall length is 8.1 inches, and it has an empty weight of 23 ounces. Each PPQ M2 is supplied with three interchangeable backstraps to allow a shooter to custom-fit the pistol to the hand. An ambidextrous slide stop, which is extended for easy operation with gloved hands, and a reversible magazine-release button make the PPQ M2 suitable for right-or left-handed shooters. All PPQ M-series pistols are designed with three automatic safeties and are equipped with metal three-dot pattern sights.

The new rimfire version is the PPQ M2 .22LR. It utilizes a blowback action, has a 12-round magazine capacity, and boasts a 4.85-pound trigger-pull weight. A firing-pin block and trigger safety and loaded-chamber indicator are standard. The polymer-frame handgun features an ambidextrous magazine-release button and slide-stop lever. The slide is anodized aluminum, and a Picatinny rail is incorporated into the dust cover.

It will be available in a pair of 4-inch barrel models (weighing 19 ounces empty with an overall length of 7.1 inches). They both feature a polymer front sight with a metal rear that is adjustable for windage and elevation. The PPQ Tactical version in the 4-inch-barrel length features a threaded barrel for the installation of a suppressor.

A 5-inch Target Model has a high-visibility fiber-optic front sight, in addition to the fully adjustable rear sight. SRP: $429 to $469. (479-242-8500; waltherarms.com)