Volume 25, Number 5 August/September 2017


If you’re going to spend a day at the range, you need something sturdy to hold all your stuff—ammo, optics, cleaning tools, ear muffs, targets, and the like. The Spotter range bag is a large-capacity carry-all that fills the bill. Originally designed to be used by the spotter in a spotter-sniper team, it bag features movable internal dividers that allow you to create a custom storage bag. Internal pockets and a generous assortment of modular webbing allow for further customization, and the rubber bottom protects contents from wet and dusty surfaces. The top-zipper link utilizes a big pulling handle for… [Read More]



Known primarily for multi-tools, Leatherman knows that sometimes all an outdoorsman needs is a knife. That’s why its Juice B2 (SRP: $25) comes with one serrated and one straight-edge blade, each of which is made from high-quality steel and backed by Leatherman’s 25-year warranty. Blade length is 2.6 inches, and the knife has a closed length of just 4 inches. It weighs 1.4 ounces and is available in four colors: Cinnabar (red), Moss (green), Columbia (blue), and Graphite (gray). For those who prefer tools to blades, the Juice CS3 (SRP: $30) features scissors, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. It… [Read More]

Hearing is a precious asset that must be protected. To that end, Walker’s, a division of GSM Outdoors, has created a point-of-purchase display designed to help retailers quickly and easily move ear protection products. The Walker’s Plug Display houses 58 packs of foam and silicone ear plugs in a variety of colors (orange, yellow, and pink) and configurations (corded and cases). Retailers can re-order the full display or individual SKUs. SRP: $269.99. (gsmoutdoors.com)