Volume 23, Number 6 October/November 2015



As portable chargers gain in popularity, we’re going to see a power war as manufacturers ramp up charging abilities and features. Powerall’s newest entry is the Element, a sturdy, water-resistant, shockproof lithium-ion charger that can handle two devices—smartphones, tablets, cameras, camcorders, GPS unit—at the same time. It can also jump-start a dead vehicle battery, a nice feature for hunters who leave a truck parked at the trailhead for a week. A built-in LED flashlight can, in the SOS mode, flash up to 120 hours on a full charge. The life span is 1,000 charges. Comes in a case, for easy… [Read More]



Underwear may not be the most exciting subject on the planet, but through the years, ill-fitting poor-performing versions have managed to turn long-anticipated hunts into slogs of misery. SAXX’s patented boxer briefs were created (after the company’s founder endured a long, uncomfortable Alaska fishing trip) with premium fabrics and progressive designs to provide a comfortable fit. The revolutionary innovation? Patented mesh panels that help create what SAXX terms a “comfort pouch” to keep everything in place, preventing unwanted friction and movement that so often lead to chafing. Flat-lock seams, moisture-wicking waistbands, and stretch fabrics also improve overall comfort. SAXX makes… [Read More]

Holster retention is a vital concern for anyone carrying a concealed firearm. If a holster fails to stay put when the gun is drawn, you’ve got a real problem. But the patent-pending Ulticlip has been designed to provide 10 times the retention power of ordinary holster clips, and the dual-mounting bracket replaces screw-on and retention-type holster clips. Furthermore, its minimum-profile maximum-concealment design allows it to configure with a wide variety of holster types. SRP: $9.99. (ulticlip.com)