Volume 23, Number 4 June/July 2015


A tangle of cords. A broken cable. A missing adapter. In everyday life or on the road, this can be inconvenient and annoying; in the outdoors, it might mean the difference between getting completely lost and left in the dark or staying powered up and safe. Combining adapter ends from some of the most widely used outdoor gadgets into a form any hunter can recognize, the Brunton Power Knife is just as much a must-have as a pocketknife for today’s connected outdoorsmen. It easily slips into a pocket or a pack, so it’s always there when needed. SRP: $24.99.(brunton.com)



The fixed-blade Censor is a compact knife well-suited to concealed carry. The pistol-grip handle allows for a quick and confident draw, and provides precise control and handling. The diamond-pattern texture on the handle and jimping on the tang ensure slip-free operation, and a comfortable thumb rest aids in keeping the knife secure in the user’s hand. The tang extends slightly past the end of the G10 handle to form a multi-purpose pommel or glass breaker. A nylon sheath secures the knife during travel, allowing the user to carry at any angle. The knife is offered in three blade types: a… [Read More]

The Wallaby Chair is a light (just 3.5 pounds), packable camp chair outfitted with armrests and a cup holder. Built for comfort in deer or turkey camp, the chair boasts a tall, deep, wide, and wellventilated seating area designed to handle approximately 325 pounds. The anodized drawn-aluminum frame is made of dualshock- corded poles for easy setup and take-down. In addition, its disc-shaped feet help stabilize the chair and keep it from sinking when pitched on soft ground. A zippered stuff sack is included. SRP: $134.99. (travelchair.com)

Hoppe’s new line of 1.2.3. Done! guncleaning kits is designed to make field maintenance of firearms a quick and easy process. Each kit includes a caliber/gaugespecific Hoppe’s BoreSnake, along with 2-ounce bottles of time-tested Hoppe’s No. 9 bore cleaner and Hoppe’s high-viscosity lubricating oil. In addition, the kits come with easy-to-understand photo directions to help shooters get the best results from the BoreSnake cleaning system. Eight kits are available: .22-caliber pistol; 9mm, .380, .38, and .357 pistol; .40 cal/10mm pistol; .45 ACP, .45 Colt, .454 pistol; .223, 5.56, .22LR rifle; .30, 7.62, .308, .300 rifle; 12-gauge shotgun; and 20-gauge shotgun…. [Read More]

Available in .30 (860 fps) and .35 (730 fps) calibers, with muzzle velocities up to 860 fps, the Carnivore big-bore airguns are designed for medium-size game. Each model utilizes HatsanUSA’s proprietary QuietEnergy system, a process in which a fully integrated shrouded barrel tapers into a sound moderator to drastically reduce overall noise. The PCP airguns are powered by a 255cc air cylinder capable of delivering up to 21 shots at optimal velocity at 100 yards. The Carnivore is fitted with an elevation-adjustable comb, an integrated Picatinny rail, and a heavy-duty 11mm/ 22mm Weaver-style scope mount. Other features include an ambidextrous… [Read More]