Volume 23, Number 1 January 2015


The new water-resistant Repellent Camp Lantern provides a two-in-one benefit: It provides bright light and repels mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums. The lantern uses Thermacell butane cartridges and repellent pads; each cartridge lasts 12 hours, each pad lasts 4. The repellent is a synthetic copy of the natural repellent found in chrysanthemums. With three light settings and an SOS for emergencies, the lantern globe can be detached to increase the intensity of the light for maximum brightness. The base hook also allows the lantern to be suspended from above for hands-free base camp operations. D-cell batteries (not included) provide 50… [Read More]



ALPS OutdoorZ has added three soft-sided cases, each of which uses durable 600D polyester outer fabric and heavy duty #10 zippers, to its product line. The Maverick ($44.99, brown; $54.99, Realtree Xtra) and Saratoga ($34.99, brown; $44.99, Realtree Xtra, $44.99) cases are available in models for both rifles and shotguns. The floatable Refuge ($44.99, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades) is designed for shotguns only. (alpsoutdoorz.com)

The new digital Night Vision Monocular (NVM) incorporates an advanced low-light CMOS Sensor that delivers true night vision with efficient power consumption. A 9X digital zoom achieves clarity beyond 400 feet, and the 1.5-inch high-res TFT display provides a superior viewable image quality. In addition, the NVM has an adjustable frame rate of 30FPS/25FPS/15FPS/8FPS, and the integrated IR filter also allows daytime use. The durable ABS high-impact housing protects the unit while the rubberized grip aids in handling while in cold or wet conditions. The unit is powered by four AA batteries (not included). SRP: $199.99. (877-269-8490; gsmoutdoors.com/stealth-cam)

The new double-vamp Russell High Country Hunter Extreme replaces the venerable Russell High Country Hunter and Sheep Hunter models, both of which had been in the line since 1985. Given new technology and materials, the High Country Hunter Extreme ushers in a new era of support, comfort, protection, and performance. The boot features a new single-piece Air Bob Sole that bridges the gap between the arch and the ball of the foot for added support and vastly improved longevity, as well as an outside cleat pattern that helps the wearer stick to the mountain when sidehilling.