Volume 22, Number 7 December 2014


In the company’s pursuit to go undetected by anything with antlers, horns, or paws, Badlands continues to evolve its Bio-Thermic clothing line. Joining the Impact Jacket and Kinetic Fleece Vest, the new Impact Pant—which features Hex-Lite fleece for warmth and comfort—is for those times when silence and warmth are paramount. Other features include articulated knees, the Badlands Scent Reduction System, and built-in removable gaiters. The Badlands Impact Pant is available in Realtree Xtra. SRP: $299.95. (800-386-7839; vortexoutdoors.com)



The Sound 911 Personal Safety Horn sends out a 112-decibel blast of piercing sound to deter a would-be assailant or unfriendly animal. This compact device can be heard up to a half mile away and attaches easily to your belt or wrist with the included Velcro strap. The Sound 911 Personal Safety Horn is safe for the ozone and requires no wires or batteries. Packaged in a retail blister package. SRP: $19.79. (908-707-4900; falconsignal.com)

Stevens, by Savage Arms, has introduced a fast-handling, stylish over/under shotgun that carries a price tag below $700. The all-new 555 is as suited for hunting as it is for breaking clays. Stevens kept the weight to a minimum while maximizing strength and rigidity by incorporating a steel insert within the shotgun’s lightweight, scaled-to-gauge aluminum receiver.