Volume 24, Number 5 Aug/Sept 2016


Known for innovation, Hard Core now offers a pair of new blinds that boast patented features. The patent elements of the Man Cave and Deluxe Man Cave give waterfowl hunters a layout blind with no-pin construction, making setup and take-down fast and easy. Both state-of-the-art blinds completely conceal a hunter while providing good visibility through a flexible mesh viewer. In addition, the lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum frame houses an internal adjustable back/head support that provides hours of comfort in the field. And the DriBed waterproof bottom keeps the user dry in up to 6 inches of water. Since hunting waterfowl can… [Read More]



The MkW ANVIL is a new mid-size MSR-rifle platform chambered in .458 SOCOM. The rifle features CMMG’s Powerbolt design, which allows the rifle to utilize a modified AR-10-sized bolt for increased durability. This is important because a large-diameter caliber, such as .458 SOCOM, would require material to be milled out of a standard AR-15-sized bolt in order to function, resulting in a thin, fragile bolt face. In addition, the upper receiver has been shortened by 3⁄4 inch to minimize weight and increase ergonomics. Although the frame is based on the AR-10 platform, the magwell on the lower receiver has been… [Read More]