Volume 23, Number 5 August/September 2015


The Titan is designed to meet the grueling needs of those in the military and in law enforcement. It also will meet the demands of the avid outdoorsman. The 45mm watch case is constructed with a stainless-steel core enveloped in a Nitromid cover, a glass-­reinforced polymer with a tensile strength higher than steel. This gives the watch improved durability and impact resistance. It also has the watertight capabilities of a fully stainless-steel version, but at half the weight.



The WX Tide is the latest addition to Wiley’s Climate Control series of sunglasses. Like all Climate Control models, the new WX Tide features the company’s patented, removable, soft-foam Facial Cavity Seal. This exclusive design blocks out wind and dust, and prevents reflected light from entering the sides of the frame as well as above and below the frame. The result is a comfortable, controlled environment for the wearer’s eyes, resulting in undistracted vision and improved visual performance while hunting or shooting. Tactical users will also find wearing these glasses advantageous. When not needed,the Facial Cavity Seal can easily be… [Read More]

There is “coyote ugly,” and then there is “coyote perfect.” The new Trulock Predator shotgun choke falls into the latter category, enabling a hunter with a shotgun to cleanly kill a 40- to 50-pound coyote at 40 yards. Embodying the tight patterning attributes of Trulock’s proven turkey and waterfowl chokes, the Predator is designed to deliver optimal performance with No. 4 or No. 2 buckshot as well as T shot. SRP: $55.99. (trulockchokes.com)

When you need a survival fire, you need “survival” matches that will ignite even if they’re soaking wet. The 4-inch-long Titan Stormproof Match burns like a road flare for nearly 30 seconds—and it will do so even in a brisk wind. And the outsize match can be easily used while wearing gloves. Yes, your customers can sit at home and cover kitchen matches with paraffin, but let them know this is a whole lot easier. SRP: $10, box of 25. (ucogear.com)

Thermal-imaging devices are a hot subject these days. Problem is, some can set a hunter back $3,000 or so. But Seek Thermal’s XR smartphone-compatible thermal camera (used in conjunction with a proprietary app) can help anyone track and find a wounded animal after last light for a tenth of the price of some other units. The camera itself is hardly bigger than a box of matches, and when needed it quickly attaches to an iOS or Android phone via the charging slot. SRP: $299. (thermal.com)

The new Appendix Reversible Carry (A.R.C.) Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster is suitable for both civilian and law enforcement concealed-carry. Designed to appeal to users who prefer the appendix-carry position (rather than on the hip), the holster is constructed of a soft, yet durable, injection-molded polymer for all-day comfort. The pliable material allows the holster to fit more snugly to the body, allowing the use of tighter-fitting clothing. The fully reversible and ambidextrous holster accommodates left-and right-handed users and is packaged with two cant- and ride-height adjustment belt clips for 1.5- and 1.75-inch belts. A passive retention detent with an… [Read More]

The new Epic Headlamps combine single-battery power with multiple LED lampheads and high-output circuits to deliver maximum performance with minimal size and weight. Available models include a 1AA Epic Headlamp model that uses one AA alkaline battery and a 3V Epic Headlamp model that uses one CR123A 3V battery. A flexible elastomer headplate adds comfort, and the rugged matte-black polymer body features a Vista camo front. The 1AA Epic uses two white LEDs to produce 20 lumens for general use around camp. Two green LEDs provide stealth and protect night vision. Holding down on the mode switch for three seconds… [Read More]

Frankford Arsenal’s Platinum Series Hand Deprimer is made of robust die-cast aluminum and features a full-length ergonomic grip. The fully contained operating system captures spent primers in a collection tube, which can be easily removed and emptied. The deprimer also features a patent-pending Universal Collet System that can handle brass from .20-caliber all the way up to the .338 Lapua. It can also deprime pistol brass and military crimped primers. SRP: $49.99. (btbrands.com)