Volume 25, Number 3 April/May 2017


The Colt double-action Cobra revolver returns for 2017. A new LL2TM (linear leaf) mainspring design ensures a consistently smooth trigger pull, and the enhanced Hogue overmolded grip and trigger ergonomics create a naturally pointing revolver that is compatible with a maximum range of hand sizes and still allows for the use of gloves. The revolver also features a matte-finish stainless-steel frame and is chambered for .38 SPC +P. Unloaded weight is 24.8 ounces. SRP: $699. (colt.com)



Winchester Ammunition has added three high-performance subsonic loads to the Super X line. These include a 200-grain 300 Blackout load and a 185-grain .308 Winchester load at 1,060 fps. Both are designed for improved terminal performance at subsonic velocities and have a radical profile for enhanced expansion. There’s also a 45-grain .22 Magnum load at 1,060 fps. It has been engineered expressly for use in suppressed firearms for the ultimate in low-noise performance, but it will also produce less audible sound when fired through standard .22 Winchester Magnum firearms. Predator hunting continues to grow in popularity, but so do the… [Read More]

The Ascent Shirt is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. Mesh underarm panels and chest pockets provide excellent ventilation. Form-fitting sleeves provide ample string clearance. Two mesh-backed, zippered chest pockets allow ventilation and won’t interfere with binoculars. There’s a thoughtful, flip-up collar for added sun protection. The Ascent Pant features mesh-backed pockets for ventilation and an internal mesh kneepad pocket for added protection. The pant uses a four-way-stretch quick-dry Cordura nylon blend. Articulated patterning creates freedom of movement. The waist uses low-profile styling and has generous belt loops. Available sizes are small to 3XL. SRP: $169, shirt; $189, pant. (sitkagear.com)

Helle’s new folding knife—the Bleja—stays true to the brand’s distinctive look and passion for functional knives. The locking mechanism and full liners offer a strong and reliable utility folder, while at the same time preserving the iconic Helle look and feel. All the standard features of a Helle fixed-blade are tucked into this compact yet robust mid-sized utility knife for everyday carry. Featuring a 3.4-inch drop-point blade made of Helle’s renowned triple-laminated stainless steel with a razor-sharp Scandinavian grind, the Bleja dispatches cutting tasks with ease. The natural curlybirch wood ensures that each knife has its own unique look; no… [Read More]

The Camp Chef SmokePro XXL is designed to forever change the way you smoke. Instead of choosing between the convenience of a pellet grill and the cooking capacity of a smoke vault, Camp Chef has brought both together in one wood smoker. With 1,950 square inches of cooking surface area, four meat racks, two jerky racks, and a sausage rack with 12 hooks, this smoker boasts some serious cooking space. It’s perfect for smoking jerky, sausage, pork shoulder, and many other foods that might not fit well in a pellet grill. And with digital temperature control and an automatic wood… [Read More]

Foot discomfort can easily ruin a day in the woods, but Smart­wool’s new PhD Hunt Sock collection features patented Indestructawool durability construction and premium merino wool to keep feet in tip-top shape. The socks are designed to eliminate that raw, pinching feeling at the back of the heel, chafing around the ankle bone, and discomfort along the top of the foot. Realizing all these issues were caused by one-size-fits-all cushioning, Smartwool created a first-of-its-kind sculpted cushioning system socks to solve these problems. SRP: $23.95 to $29.95. (smartwool.com)