Volume 25, Number 1 January 2017


Getting a steady rest is essential for a well-placed shot. This usually isn’t an issue for a hunter in a blind, but what about the spot-and-stalk hunter in open country? Bog Pod has his back with the BOS Series HD-3 tripod (in tall and short versions). Made of aluminum to keep carrying weight to a minimum, it features a padded universal shooting rest that won’t mar the finish on a rifle. Custom lever locks with ultra-smooth and quiet operation and adjustable tension make setup fast and simple. The legs adjust independently out to any angle up to 40 degrees, with… [Read More]



The Pistol Vault 900 will be offered with either an electronic four-button touch pad lock or a biometric pad that grants instant access with the touch of a fingertip. Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior, making it easy to locate the contents at night or in a closet. A pair of ½-inch-diameter locking bolts secure the lid. Available in a textured black finish. SRP: $219, electronic-lock model; $379, biometric model. (browning.com)

The Gryphon is a hybrid tactical watch that combines a space age Nitromid cover, a glass-reinforced polymer with a tensile strength higher than steel, and a stainless-steel core. The result is a watch with improved durability and impact resistance that has the watertight capabilities of a fully stainless-steel version at half the weight. The Gryphon has a 42mm case, a 10-year lithium power cell, and quartz movement, and is depth-tested to 200 meters. Designed to block the watchband from absorbing odor and dirt while increasing comfort, the Gryphon strap is made of nylon webbing co-molded with Reactor’s proprietary silicone and… [Read More]

Wafer Blades help hunters easily disperse both cover and attractant scents over a wide area. Wafer Blades can be pinned to clothing with the supplied safety pins, hung from a limb, or stored with clothing. Five versions are available. SRP: $12.99. (hunterspec.com)

Since its acquisition by Remington 10 years ago, Marlin has had a tough go. As a result, it’s been fairly quiet of late. But this year, it’s poised to make a big noise with its classic line of cowboy rifles. “We’ve re-engineered our .30/30 336 line and our .45/70,” says Eric Lundgren, Remington’s rifle product manager. “We also have been working on our 1894 line. The .45 Colt model has been out for a while, but at SHOT Show, we’ll be debuting a .44 Colt version, as well as one for .357 Mag.” Both the Model 1894 and Model 1894… [Read More]