Volume 23, Number 3 April/May 2015


With a simple push of a button, the SwitchPlier multi-tool snaps open, giving the user instant one-handed access to the spring-loaded pliers. Other tools embedded in the handle include a threesided file, a can and bottle opener, a knife, and flat and Phillips screwdrivers. In all, the SwitchPlier contains 12 tools. SRP: $64. (sogknives.com)



CRKT’s Deviation uses a ball-bearing pivot system to open the blade quickly and smoothly. With looks that would seem more at home on a UFO than a belt loop, the Terry Lee Renner–designed Deviation is definitely a futuristic-looking pocketknife. The titanium-nitride-finished two-tone handle is angular yet surprisingly comfortable to hold. An IKBS ball-bearing pivot system deploys the blade smoothly and quickly. Once open, a two–toned tanto blade, with mirror polish on the grind, signals to any and all that you’re ready to get to work. SRP: $69.99. (crkt.com)

The Limb Shaker Calling Kit contains the new Limb Shaker friction call and Limb Shaker owl hooter. The Limb Shaker friction pot call has a pre-sanded glass surface and comes with a Green Mountain camo striker. It easily produces all the sounds of a hen turkey, including high-pitched yelps and cutts. The owl hooter is an easy-to-use call that helps hunters locate gobblers early and late in the day. The reed-style call has a realistic raspy sound, with three holes in the end to funnel the sound for added volume. It allows hunters to call softly when gobblers are near… [Read More]

The unconventional shape of the Delta Grip for Ruger LCR and LCRx revolvers helps provide better control while maintaining the ability to conceal and carry the revolver. In addition, the grip angle aligns the shooter’s hand, wrist, and arm in a straighter line for a more natural point of aim and better recoil control. The grip is a single-piece design made from Sarlink TPV with Ergo’s XT texture, molded over a rigid polymer core. This textured, chemical-resistant material helps absorb recoil and provides a secure, comfortable grip even in adverse conditions. SRP: $24.99. (ergogrips.net)

Ergo’s Delta Grip provides better shooting control for Ruger handguns.

Single-Folding Talon • $5.95
Triple-Level Crow’s Foot • $12.95