Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018

This year, manufacturers focus on refined glass that can be used up close or way out there

By Robert Sadowski

The trend of MSR-style rifle optics continues this year with more refined sights being introduced by many brands having either close-to-medium- or long-range capability. This glass is designed for LE and military operators, but 3-Gun competition shooters and those gunning for zombies are sure to take interest, too. Well- known brands are offering new products and fine-tuning their well-established product lines with refinements, all the while keeping price points low.

American Technologies NetWork

Designed for ground-based night operators, the new TTWS (Tactical Thermal Weapons Sight) comes in three models: TTWS Light, with a 30mm lens; TTWS Medium, with a 50mm lens; and TTWS Heavy, with a 100mm lens. The TTM-14 is a compact thermal-imaging monocular that fits in the palm of a user’s hand. Lightweight at 12.5 ounces, this mil-spec device can be attached to a helmet or a firearm. (800-910-2826; atncorp.com)



Two high visibility tactical firearm illuminated sights, the TWLLRCP (SRP: $104.95) and TWLLGCP (SRP: $145.95), combine a 160-lumen LED flashlight and a red or green laser sight, respectively. Both feature a two-in-one mount that fits any 1-inch or 30mm tube (954-581-5822; bsaoptics.com)


The AR Optics line includes six new rifle-scope configurations. The 1–4x24mm comes with an illuminated (SRP: $299.99) and non-illuminated reticle (SRP: $199.99). The 2–7x32mm (SRP: $149.99), 3–9x40mm (SRP: $179.99), 3–12x40mm (SRP: $199.99), and 4.5–18x40mm (SRP: $299.99) rifle-scopes all feature non-illuminated reticles. The AR Optics line also features three bullet- drop compensating reticles: DropZone-22, DropZone- 223, and BTR-1.
The Scout DX 1000 ARC laser rangefinder (SRP: $299.99, black; $319.99, Realtree Xtra) provides accurate distance readings from 5 to 1,000 yards with +/- half a yard precision using the E.S.P. processor, which gives faster and more precise distance readings. The Fusion One Mile binocular line combines optics with a laser range- finder in three configurations: 8x32mm (SRP: $999.99), 10x42mm (SRP: $1,199.99), and 12x50mm (SRP: $1,299.99). The Fusion One Mile line has distance-measuring capabilities from 10 to 1,760 yards, and offers BAK-4 prisms with PC-3 phase corrective coating for superior resolution and clarity. Designed with Team Primos, the Truth laser rangefinder (SRP: $199.99) offers hunters 5- to 850-yard ranging performance. In bow mode, it features Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology, providing bowhunters with the true horizontal. (913-752-3400; bushnell.com)


Carson Optical

The 3D/ED Series binocular line now includes the TD-842ED 8x42mm (SRP: $395) with high-definition lens coating for better depth and dimension viewing. The binoculars are ergonomically designed, for easy, comfortable use. (631-963-5000; carson optical.com)

Crimson Trace

The LG-401 Lasergrip (SRP: $399) for 1911 platforms now features a green laser, which is more visible to the human eye under brightly lit conditions. The diode is built into the right grip panel for a compact, snag- free design. (800-442-2406; crimsontrace.com)


Two affordable scopes for zombie hunters are the Zombie Sniper 3–9x40mm scope (SRP: $75), which features a mil-dot reticle with dual red and green illumination, and the Zombie Sniper fixed-power 4x32mm (SRP: $35). (800-724-7486; crosman.com)


The CMR-AK762 (SRP: $459) is identical to the CMR1–4x42mm scope, except the reticle is calibrated the 7.62x39mm cartridge and is designed to mount easily on AK/SKS rifles. The reticle will also work with the .300 BLK and .300 Whisper. (888-445-8912; hi-luxoptics.com)



The T30 Series scopes, a 3–9x40mm (SRP: $379.99) and a 3–12×44 (SRP: $439.99), are compact tactical scopes with engraved ballistic reticles. Both feature a fast-focus ocular lens and turrets with 1⁄4-MOA adjustments. The Sight Pro TR (SRP: $219.99) is a tactical red-dot sight with a 35mm tube and four reticle patterns. The M30 series of scopes now includes a 10–40x52mm (SRP: $749.99) model with a dual illuminated mil-dot reticle. (305-262-5668; konususa .com)


The TSN-IP4S iPhone Adaptor allows a user to attach an iPhone 4 or 4S to either 88/77 series scopes and BD/SV/YF series binoculars. (800- 966-5692; kowa-usa.com)

Laser Genetics

The ND5 green laser illuminator has been compacted to the ND5 Subzero Mini (SRP: $199.95) with an adjustable beam that illuminates up to 400 yards. The ND1 Subzero (SRP: $199.95) illuminates up to 100 yards and is designed for night hunting. (954- 581-5822; lasergenetics .com)


The Geovid HB-D 8×42 and 10×42 laser rangefinder binoculars bring two scouting tools together as one. They feature ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) that provides proper aim point matched to a cartridge’s ballistics. Twelve ballistic settings are built in, plus they take an SD card so a user can program and save custom ballistic data. (516-858-1262; leica-sport optics.com)


The VX-6 line of rifle- scopes now includes a 3–48x44mm and a 3–18x50mm. Both feature side focus, Xtended Twilight, DiamondCoat 2 lens coatings, and the Custom Dial System (CDS), which utilizes custom turret dials calibrated to a user’s cartridge ballistics. They’re available with either the FireDot Duplex or the Illuminated Boone and Crockett Big Game reticle. The 50mm objective also offers the FireDot 4 reticle. (503-526-1400; leupold.com)



The MeoPro rifle-scope line now features three additional models: a 3.5– 10x44mm RedZone, a 3.5–10x44mm, and a 3–9x50mm. The 3.5– 10x44mm RedZone offers seven levels of reticle illumination. Both 44mm- objective models feature four reticle options: 4C Illuminated, No. 4, Z, and BDC. All three scopes are made in the U.S. and their optics are TO2 (Twilight Optimized Optics), designed to deliver high light transmission.

The premium 3–12×56 RGD DualZone, manufactured in the Czech Republic, has a red/green dot 4C illuminated reticle in the first focal plane. The MRAD reflex sight offers rapid, parallax-free target acquisition for many firearm platforms—from pistols and shotguns to MSRs and rifles. Reticle options include a 3- or 5-MOA dot with eight illumination levels. The body is machined from a block of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and it runs on two CR 1632 batteries for up to 2,000 hours. The MRAD Micro is a compact red-dot sight with either a 3- or 5-MOA dot with five intensity levels. MeoCap flip-up eye- piece covers not only protect binocular lenses, but they also form a shield against the peripheral light that can enter between a user’s eyes and the binocular. (631-436-5900; meoptasportsoptics.com)



The ZV 3 line of entry-level rifle-scopes launches with a 3–9x40mm (SRP: $269) model that features multi-coated lenses, 1⁄4-MOA turret adjustments, and a lightweight aluminum tube. Reticles options include the Mino- Plex and BDC. (866-469- 3080; minox.com/usa)

Nightforce Optics

The 5–25x56mm ATACR (Advanced Tactical Rifle-scope) features a 34mm tube, 120 MOA of elevation adjustment, an ED lens for improved light transmission, Hi-Speed adjustments, and ZeroStop elevation adjustments. It has a second-focal-plane reticle design that uses either the MOAR or Mil-R proprietary illuminated reticles. A 15–55x52mm Competition scope employs ED glass and a second-focal-plane reticle design with either the CTR-1 or DD non-illuminated Competition Dot reticles. A side-mounted parallax adjustment focuses from 25 yards to infinity, and it features a new fast-focus eyepiece. It has 1⁄8-MOA adjustments (5 MOA per rotation), allowing a total of 65 MOA elevation and wind-age travel.
(208-476-9814; nightforce optics.com)



The Monarch 7 binocular series in 8x42mm (SRP: $479.95) and 10x42mm (SRP: $499.95) offers flat, crisp viewing built with a balanced, lightweight design. Weight is 22.9 and 23.3 ounces, respectively. (800-248-6846; nikonsportoptics.com)



The Phantom 4x60mm Gen 3 rifle-scope, the “aviator-style” Edge 1x21mm Gen 3 binocular, and the Challenger 1x21mm Gen 3 monocular are all manufactured in the U.S. They are sensitive to low levels of visible and near-infrared light, and provide higher resolution than Gen 2 devices. Designed for night surveillance, the Recon 550R monocular allows users to record still images and videos onto an SD card. (817-225-0310; pulsarnightvisionusa.com)



The Triple Duty 6–25x56mm riflescope is designed for setting up long-range shots from between 500 and 1,000 yards. It is available in duplex, illuminated circle dot, and mil-dot reticles, and it has oversize turret knobs that lock and feature 1⁄4-MOA click adjustments.

The Solitude line of roof-prism binoculars feature BAK-4 prisms, rubber- armored bodies, and twist- up eye-cups. Three models are offered: 7x36XD, 8x42XD, and 10x42XD. The Night Raider 3x60mm Gen 1 night-vision rifle-scope is designed for night hunting. It has a built-in IR illuminator to enhance viewing capability housed in a titanium body. The two-color range-finding reticle allows a hunter to detect the target up to 200 yards away in the dead of night. (877- 431-3579; sightmark.com)



The ATX/STX spotting scope is a modular design that allows up to six different configurations. Two eyepieces, the ATX angled eyepiece (SRP: $2,421.11) and the STX straight eyepiece (SRP: $2,421.11), attach to three objective modules in 65mm (SRP: $979.67), 85mm (SRP: $1,721.11), and 95mm (SRP: $2,110.00). The zoom and focusing rings are next to each other and can be operated with just one hand. They all feature Swarovision technology, which provides sharp, clear images. (800-426-3089; swarovskioptik.com)


The nitrogen-filled and fogproof Endeavor HD and XF spotting scopes utilize
a rubber-armored magnesium body. The optical system employs extra-low- dispersion glass to ensure accurate color rendition and virtually eliminate color fringing; the multicoated lenses feature BAK-4 prisms. Three eyepieces are available: 65mm angled, 65mm straight, and 82mm angled. A built-in sunshield is included. SRP: $589.99 to $689.99, HD; $389.99 to $489.99, XF. (800-875- 3322; vanguardworld.com)


The Razor HD binoc family now includes a 10x50mm and 12x50mm. Like other Razor HD models, they feature an open- hinge design with a rubber- coated magnesium chassismand HD lens. The Razor HD Gen II 1–2x24mm rifle- scope is designed for short- to medium-range tactical or competition shooting on MSR platforms. It uses the Jerry Miculek–designed JM-1 BDC reticle with illuminated dots and ballistic hashmarks for distances from 20 to 600 yards. It is calibrated for .223/5.56mm and .308/7.62mm ballistics. The Razor HD 50mm and 65mm spotting scopes use HD glass for bright, crisp, and clear viewing. Constructed of rubber- coated magnesium bodies, these spotting scopes feature a 20–60X power angled eyepiece with coarse and fine adjustments. (800-426-0048; vortexoptics.com)



The KASPA-Z 1.5–6x32mm Zombie scope (SRP: $299.95) is built for dispatching hordes of the shuffling undead. It features a 30mm tube and illuminated Z-CIRT (Zombie Close Intermediate Range Tactical) reticle. (608-836- 0922; weaveroptics.com)


The Conquest HD 8x32mm (SRP: $944.43) and 10x32mm (SRP: $999.99) are lightweight, compact binoculars ideal for bowhunters and all- purpose use. They use the same HD lens system found in 42mm Conquest HD models. (800-441- 3005; zeiss.com)

Zeiss The new Conquest HD binoculars, in 8x23mm and 10x32mm, use the same HD lens system found in the 42mm Conquest HD model. Their lightweight, compact design is ideal for bowhunters.

Zeiss The new Conquest HD binoculars, in 8x23mm
and 10x32mm, use the same HD lens system found
in the 42mm Conquest HD model. Their lightweight,
compact design is ideal for bowhunters.