Volume 25, Number 7 December 2017

Last year, firearms manufacturers adopted a prudent wait-and-see attitude.

No one wanted to ramp up production until there was solid proof of economic recovery.

Although the hope that a moribund economy would pick up some steam evaporated as quickly as water droplets on a hot griddle, the firearms industry nonetheless remains a strong and viable concern.

Want proof? Just look at the wide range of new guns—in all categories—that will enter the market in 2013.

This year sees the largest and most diverse selection of new rifles in recent memory. On the rimfire side, a number of new models from CZ-USA and Legacy Sports ofer an array of fun gun choices in .22LR, .22WMR, and .17 HMR. In the bolt-action arena, new models run the full gamut, from lightweight game rifles, accuracy-guaranteed target guns, and heavy varminters to compact, suppressor-ready tactical guns and big-bore rifles that will reach out and touch targets as far out as 2,000 yards.

And that’s not all. A totally new (and very accurate) Remington hunting rifle will appeal to the price-conscious customer.

The AR-pattern Modern Sporting Rifle now appears in a staggering array of new models that can handle just about any task a rifle can be assigned, be it target, varmint, 3-Gun competition, tactical LE, or home-defense use. There are even some classic lever guns in the mix.

If rifles are big in your inventory, take notes. You’ll need them!

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New for 2013 is the ArmaLite AR 30A1. This is the next evolution of ArmaLite’s AR-30 bolt-action tactical and target long-range rifle. It will be available in .300 Win. Mag. and .338 Lapua, in both dedicated target and tactical versions.

The .300 Win. Mag. features a 24-inch barrel, while the .338 Lapua uses a 26-inch tube. Both feature a removable muzzle brake and use a single-stage trigger. The bolt-mounted safety mechanism locks the firing pin to the rear and is considered stronger than a sear- or trigger-blocking safety. Both also use a single-stack detachable magazine constructed from steel, with a deep magazine well for positive magazine changes and positioning. The competition-grade chrome moly barrel (1:10 twist for both calibers) is housed in a rigid aluminum stock with ArmaLite’s patented V-Block Bedding Wedge and V-Block Stock. The stock features an adjustable cheekpiece, and the buttstock can be removed with a single Allen wrench, making compact transport simple. Standard and target buttstocks are interchangeable on any receiver.

A top 20 MOA Picatinny rail rides over the receiver for convenient optics mounting. The Picatinny rails on both sides of the forearm allow for the installation of other devices.

Each gun includes one 5-round magazine, detachable sight and accessory rails, a hard case, a sling, and an owner’s manual. SRP: $3,264 for the standard Win. Mag.; $3,460 for the target version; $3,404 for the standard Lapua; and $3,599 for the Target Lapua.

For 2013, ArmaLite will offer the .416 Barrett in its AR-50A1 platform in the new AR-50A1-.416 Barrett (SRP: $3,359). It offers all the features of the standard AR-50A1, including the V-Lock Bedding Wedge, the V-Block aluminum stock, and the highly effective AR-50A1 muzzle brake.

Although large-caliber bolt guns garner a lot of attention, compact carbines are more likely to be carried into harm’s way by military and law enforcement personnel. ArmaLite adds to that mix with a new compact carbine rifle chambered for 7.62x51mm/.308. ArmaLite already manufactures the AR-10A2 carbine, based upon a traditional A2 front sight, A2 upper receiver, and permanent carry handle. The new AR-10LE (SRP: $2,199) combines an innovative A2-style front sight with an A4 flattop upper receiver that can accommodate a wide variety of sights, scopes, lights, and other LE accessories. The AR-10LE features a 16-inch chromelined moly barrel with a 11.25- twist. A Troy Medieval Muzzle Brake adorns the muzzle, and ArmaLite claims it is tough enough to use as an improvised breaching device if the situation requires it.

The ERGOF 93 buttstock features a fixed cheekpiece for a consistent and repeatable cheek weld in any of the eight available stock-adjustment positions. Once the buttstock is locked into a position, it is as rigid as any fixed stock. The length-of-pull adjustment available is 4 inches.

The trigger is a tactical two- stage, and the empty weight is 9 pounds. The rifle is shipped with one 10-round magazine, a sling, a black case, an owner’s manual, and ArmaLite’s limited warranty. (800-336- 0184; armalite.com)




Given its weight (13.2 pounds), the .308 Colt M2012 has obviously been designed for precision shooting. It features a button-rifled, 22-inch, match- grade stainless custom fluted barrel (1:10 twist); a single- stage Timney trigger; a Magpul pistol grip; and a Cooper Firearms muzzle brake. SRP: $3,799. (503-783-2658; colt competitionrifle.com)




The CZ 455 is the next generation of the CZ bolt-action rimfire and will eventually replace the 452 line by consolidating all rimfire bolt-action receivers into one common platform. The CZ 455 allows the use of interchangeable barrels, calibers, and stock configurations. The common features of the 455 line include a rimfire boltaction fully machined from bar stock, a trigger adjustable for weight of pull (with a single set trigger available on some models), a cold-hammer-forged barrel, a detachable magazine, standard 11mm rimfire scopemounting dovetails milled into the receiver, interchangeable barrels, and interchangeable stocks.

The CZ 455 American Synthetic (SRP: $374) is chambered for .22LR. It features a black American-style synthetic stock/blued metalwork, a 20.5- inch barrel without supplied sights, an adjustable trigger, and a five-round detachable magazine. It has an empty weight of 5.81 pounds. The CZ 455 Varmint SST is equipped with a single-set trigger system. The trigger is adjustable in both the primary and single-set pull weights. It features a 20.5-inch heavy barrel (without supplied sights), a walnut stock with blued metalwork, and a five-round detachable magazine. It will be available in .22LR (SRP: $509) and .17 HMR (SRP: $536).

The CZ 455 Varmint Thumbhole SST Fluted incorporates a vented Boyd’s thumbhole stock in a forest- finished laminate construction, with blued metalwork. The 20.5-inch heavy fluted barrel comes without sights. The trigger mechanism is CZ’s Single Set Trigger (SST). A five-round detachable magazine is standard, and it will be available in .22LR (SRP: $588) and .17 HMR (SRP: $615).

The CZ Varmint Evolution will now be available in .17 HMR (SRP: $549). The Evolution “Sky Blue/Grey” laminate stock is designed for ambidextrous operation, even though it is a right-handed boltaction. An ambidextrous cheekpiece, tear-drop pistol grip, and palm swells provide easy operation for right- or left-handed shooters. The gun features a 20.5-inch heavy barrel (without sights) that is free-floated within the stock. The trigger is the standard 455 adjustable model, and the gun feeds from a fiveround detachable magazine.

In the centerfire arena, the CZ 527 will now be available in the .17 Hornet. Based upon the .22 Hornet cartridge case, the .17 Hornet will launch a 20-grain Superformance Hornady V-MAX bullet to 3,650 fps while delivering trajectory performance similar to a 55-grain .223 Rem. load, but with less recoil and a lower price. (913-321-2251; cz-usa.com)



Designed for 3-Gun competitions, the DTI Evolution features a 16-inch CMV chromelined lightweight barrel (1:9 twist), a Samson Evolution free-float rail, and M4 feed ramps. Other features include a Samson Quick Flip Dual Aperture rear sight and Samson folding front sight, a two-stage mil-spec trigger, a Magpul MOE+ Grip, a action trigger system is fully adjustable for a single or two- stage release between 2 and 5 pounds. It is equipped with a 26-inch fluted barrel that may be changed for other barrels/ calibers in under two minutes, and all installed barrels remain true to the receiver’s centerline. Fed from a detachable magazine, the stock is an ambidextrous model that is fully adjustable for length of pull, butt plate height, comb height, and cast on or off. SRP: $9,995 for the basic rifle, without additional barrels or accessories.

The FN SPR A5 XP (SRP: $2,899) is an enhanced version of the existing SPR A5M boltaction platform. New features include a threaded muzzle to accept suppressors, a threaded tactical bolt knob, a 1:12 twist barrel to handle suppressed rounds, and a McMillan cheek rest. This model replaces all current SPR models. (703- 288-3500; fnhusa.com)



Several product changes mark DPMS’ new offerings this year. The 2013 TPR Rifle (SRP: $1,399) will now feature the Magpul MOE Rifle Stock as well as a full-length upper rail for optics or sight mounting, a muzzle brake, and a short quad rail to allow the addition of lights and lasers. The 300 Personal Defense Weapon features a 7.5-inch barrel with an AAC blackout flash hider, 4-inch rail handguard, SOG vertical grip, and Magpul flipup sights. SRP: $1,289.

The 6.8 Rem. SPC has slipped from the view of many, but it remains a very capable cartridge with modest recoil. The New DPMS 6.8 Hunter (SRP: $1.269) makes it available with a fixed stock, a round forend, a receivermounted Picatinny rail for optics mounting, and a 20-inch stainless, Teflon-coated fluted barrel with a carbon-fiber free- float tube. (800-578-3767; dpmsinc.com)




Built by Unique Alpine AG and marketed by FNH, the FN/ Unique Alpine Ballista is a fully modular multi-caliber boltaction rifle designed for precision fire at extended ranges. Available in .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag., and .338 Lapua, it features a high-strength, vibration-isolated, aluminum-alloy receiver. The receiver mounts a mil-spec 1913 rail, and has multiple rail segments for slings, a bipod, lights, or lasers. The action trigger system is fully adjustable for a single or two- stage release between 2 and 5 pounds. It is equipped with a 26-inch fluted barrel that may be changed for other barrels/ calibers in under two minutes, and all installed barrels remain true to the receiver’s centerline. Fed from a detachable magazine, the stock is an ambidextrous model that is fully adjustable for length of pull, butt plate height, comb height, and cast on or off. SRP: $9,995 for the basic rifle, without additional barrels or accessories.

The FN SPR A5 XP (SRP: $2,899) is an enhanced version of the existing SPR A5M boltaction platform. New features include a threaded muzzle to accept suppressors, a threaded tactical bolt knob, a 1:12 twist barrel to handle suppressed rounds, and a McMillan cheek rest. This model replaces all current SPR models. (703- 288-3500; fnhusa.com)



Legacy Sports recently announced a licensing agreement with Moon Shine Attitude Attire in order to offer the popular Moon Shine camo patterns on Howa rifles, Escort shotguns, ISSC pistols, and Citadel M-1 .22 rifles in selected parts numbers. The available camo patterns will consist of Harvest Moon, Outshine, and Muddy Girl.

The Howa 1500 bolt-action features a three-position safety, a HACT two-stage trigger system, a forged one-piece bolt with two locking lugs, and an M16-style extractor. Available in a number of existing models, the new Moon Shine camo versions are available as rifles alone, or as a gun/scope package featuring a Nikko Stirling Nighteater 3–9×42 riflescope that includes rings and bases.

For smaller-statured shooters, the Howa Youth model rifles will also include the Moon Shine camo patterns. The Youth models feature a No. 1 contour 20-inch barrel, Hogue Overmolded youth stock with a 12.5-inch length of pull that features cobblestone texturing on the forend and pistol grip. The Youth series is available in .204 Ruger, .223 Rem., .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., .308 Win., and 7mm-08 Rem.

Legacy’s M-1 carbine “look- alike” M-1 .22 Carbine line will be expanded to offer synthetic stocks dipped in the above- mentioned Moon Shine patterns. The M-1 .22 features an 18-inch barrel with six-groove rifling in a 1:16 twist, an adjustable rear sight, and a semi-auto blowback action, and operates from a 10-round magazine. In keeping with its 35-inch M-1 Carbine profile, it features a polymer bayonet lug, and the stock is cut for the traditional M-1 oiler and sling. SRP: $366.

A new rimfire bolt-action rifle joins the Legacy lineup this year. The ISSC 22/17 is a straight-pull bolt-action. It features an adjustable trigger, is fed from a 10-round magazine, and sports a 20-inch barrel. It will be offered in three stock styles: classic wood, synthetic, and an AW (Arctic Warfare) model that features a folding stock with an adjustable cheekpiece and a butt spike. It will be available in .22LR (1:16.4 barrel twist rate), .22WMR (1:17.7 twist rate), and .17HMR (1:9 twist rate). (800-553-4229; legacy sports.com)




The MVP (Mossberg Varmint Predator) Patrol rifle in 5.56mm now boasts a 16.25- inch medium bull barrel threaded to accept an A2 flash suppressor. Other features include Mossberg’s LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) trigger system, which has been designed for a crisp, creep-free trigger pull. In addition, the trigger pull weight is adjustable from 2 to 7 pounds with a simple twist of a standard screwdriver. The MVP accepts standard MSR magazines and is available with a 10-round magazine and a 3–9X32mm scope. SRP: $462. (203-230- 5300; mossberg.com)




A number of new models enter the Remington line this year, but the biggest news is likely what Remington refers to as its next-generation bolt-action— the Remington Model 783. This new bolt-action model is designed to fit into the price point in the gap between the Model 770 and the Model 700 SPS without sacrificing performance. The new design features premium magnum contour button-rifled barrels and a cylindrical receiver with a minimum-size ejection port for a more rigid action. The barrel is attached to the receiver with a barrel-nut system that allows very precise headspace settings. The stock is a modern synthetic material with a black finish and uses pillar bedding to secure the action. The stock uses integral molded sling swivel studs and is equipped with Remington’s SuperCell recoil pad.

The trigger assembly features a two-position safety, and the trigger pull weight is factory-set at 3.5 pounds but is consumer-adjustable. The rifle is shipped without sights, with the option of using a one-piece Weaver-style rail or integral scope base/ring set. The Model 783 will initially be available in a 22-inch barrel in .270 Win., .30/06, and .308 Win.; a 24-inch 7mm Rem. Mag. also will be available. SRP: $451.10.

The new Model 700 SPS Wood Tech offers the classic Remington 700 action in a synthetic classic-style stock that features a walnut-appearing finish, with black Hogue grip panels on the pistol grip and forend, and sling swivel studs. Shipped without sights, but drilled and tapped for scope mounting, it is available in 22-inch barrels for standard calibers and 24-inch for magnum calibers. It features the Remington X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger (factory-set at 3.5 pounds) and Remington’s SuperCell recoil pad. It will initially be offered in .270 Win., .30/06, 7mm Rem. Mag., and .300 Win. Mag. Empty weight for standard calibers is 73⁄8 pounds,
75⁄8 pounds for magnums.

For 2013, Remington announces a special edition rifle to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. The Model 700 CDL SF Limited Edition 300 Win. Mag. (SRP: $1,250.22) features a satin-finished American walnut stock, a 24-inch stainlesssteel fluted barrel, and a X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger that is factory-set at 3.5 pounds. For collectors, the word “Limited” is marked on the left side of the receiver, with a 50th anniversary commemorative floor-plate.

On the semi-auto side, Remington announces a new line of R-15 rifles, chambered for .223 Rem., with Magpul furniture. All rifles feature AAC 51-Tooth Brakeout, a Magpul grip and trigger guard, and a competition two-stage trigger, and are finished in Mossy Oak Brush camo. All are flattop designs with a rail mount on the receiver for mounting optics. SRP: $1,326.90. (800-243-9700; remington.com )




On the tactical side, the new SIG SMG is available in 9mm, S&W .40, and .357 SIG. It will be available in four variants: A 6.5-inch barrel SMG/SBR with a telescoping stock, a 6.5-inch pistol, a 12-inch internally suppressed system, and a 16-inch carbine that will be available without all the SBR paperwork.

All variants use a unique gas system that allows the use of subsonic loads (including frangible loads) and +P ammo without gas-system adjustments. It feeds from proprietary magazines in 10-, 20- and 30-round capacities. The barrel is easily removable for cleaning, and it features the same ergonomics as the standard MSR platform.

The new SIG 516 PRM (SRP: $2,399) is chambered for the 5.56×45/.223 Rem. round. It features an 18-inch matchgrade barrel with a 1:7 twist and is threaded for 1⁄2-28 with a supplied thread cap. The fourposition gas-adjustment system assures proper function with virtually any 5.56mm load.

Additional features that lend themselves well to both sport and tactical uses include a M1913 quad rail, a Geissele two-stage match trigger, a Magpul UBR six-position stock, an ambidextrous safety selector and magazine release, SIG flipup front and rear sights, and integral sling points machined into the lower receiver and quad rail. The 516 PRM also ships with a Harris bipod and a 1913 Bipod Rail Adapter. This gun also accepts any mil-spec AR/M4/M16 magazines.

The new SIG 716 PRM (SRP: $2,399) is, essentially, a 7.62×51 (.308 Win.) version of the SIG 516 PRM. It features an 18-inch match-grade barrel with a 1:10 twist, a four-position gas system, an M1913 quad rail, a Geissele two-stage match trigger, a Magpul UBR six-position stock and MIAD grip, an ambidextrous safety and magazine release, SIG flip-up front and rear sights, and integral machined sling-swivel points on the lower receiver and quad rail. It ships with a Harris bipod and 1913 bipod rail adaptor.

The new M400 Predator is chambered for 5.56mm/.223 Rem. and uses a direct gas- impingement system. It features an 18-inch 1:8 twist barrel that has proven to handle bullet weights above 60 grains well. It uses a Hogue Free- Float barrel forend and Hogue rubber pistol grip. Additional features include a Geissele two- stage match trigger, a Magpul MOE buttstock, an ambidextrous safety selector and magazine release, and integral QD sling-swivel mounts machined into the lower receiver. An upper/lower tension-adjustment device assures the sight setting stays where you put it, and the M400 Predator accepts all standard mil-spec AR/M4/ M16 magazines. (603-772- 2302; sigsauer.com)



For 2013, Weatherby offers its “Range Certified” accuracy assurance in the Mark V rifle line with the new Accumark RC, which comes with a Sub- MOA guarantee. All Accumark RC rifles are accuracy-tested at Weatherby’s indoor range, where technicians mount optics, bore-sight the gun, and test-fire each individual rifle to determine the most accurate load using the Oehler Research 83 Ballistic Imaging System. After testing, each “Range Certified” rifle is cleaned and packed with a signed test target. The RC rifles are guaranteed to produce a three-shot group of .99 inch or less with specified Weatherby factory ammuniton or other premium ammo brands.

The Mark V Accumark features a hand-laminated raised- comb Monte Carlo stock, with a matte gel-coat finish with spiderweb accents and a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. A button-rifled No. 3 contour stainless-steel barrel is free-floated and topped with a recessed target crown. Depending upon caliber, barrel lengths are available in 24-, 26-, and 28-inch lengths.

The Mark V action is secured in the stock via a CNC-machined 6061 T-6 aluminum pillar-bedded plate, and the trigger group is fully adjustable. Each rifle sports a special RC engraved floorplate, and is drilled and tapped for scope mounting.

The Mark V Accumark is available in .240 Wby. Mag., .270 Win., .308 Win., .30/06, .257 Wby. Mag., .270 Wby. Mag., 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .300 Wby. Mag., .30- 378 Wby. Mag., .338-378 Wby. Mag., .340 Wby. Mag., and .338 Lapua. Additional calibers and left-handed-action models are also available. SRP: starts at $2,400.

For those shooters who can accept a 1.5-inch accuracy guarantee rather than MOA, the new Weatherby MV Fibermark provides excellent performance at a significantly reduced price. The Accuracy Guarantee is 1.5 inches at 100 yards with specified Weatherby factory ammunition.

It shares many of the features of the Mark V. Like that rifle, it’s a pillar-bedded action placed into a hand-laminated raised- comb Monte Carlo composite stock with a matte gel finish and spiderweb accents with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. The button-rifled chromemoly barrel comes with a field crown. Barrel lengths are 24 or 26 inches (except for the .30-778 Wby., which, because of the muzzle brake, is fitted with a 28-inch barrel). The trigger is factory-tuned and fully adjustable by the user.
Standard calibers weigh 6.5 pounds; magnum calibers 8 to 8.5 pounds. It will be available in .240 Wby. Mag., .270 Win., .30/06, .308 Win., .257 Wby. Mag., .270 Wby. Mag., .270 Wby. Mag., 7mm Rem. Mag., 7mm Wby. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .300 Wby. Mag., .30-378 Wby. Mag., .340 Wby. Mag., and .375 H&H. SRP: $1,500 for standard models, and $1,800 for the .30-378 with a 28-inch barrel and muzzle brake.

The Vanguard Series 2 Back Country (SRP: $1,399) weighs 6.75 pounds. It features a pillarbedded Monte Carlo composite stock with spiderweb accents and a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. The chrome-moly metalwork is covered with CeraKote Tactical Grey finish to provide a high degree of corrosion resistance. Equipped with a 24-inch fluted barrel, the action has a match quality two- stage trigger with an auxiliary sear for creep-free let-off and is adjustable down to 2.5 pounds. Available calibers include .240 Wby. Mag., .270 Win., .257 Wby. Mag., .30/06, .300 Win. Mag., and .300 Wby. Mag.

Weatherby’s Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic Rifle Package ($999) provides a hunting-ready package that includes a mounted and bore-sighted Redfield Revenge scope, an adjustable nylon rifle sling with sling swivels, and an injection-molded plastic-scoped rifle carrying case. The rifle features a match- quality two-stage trigger adjustable down to 2.5 pounds and a three-position safety. Griptonite pistol grip and forend inserts and a right-side pistol grip palm swell improve handling. The 24-inch barrel is a cold-hammer-forged No. 2 contour with a bead-blasted blued finish. (805-227-2600; weatherby. com)



Winchester Repeating Arms will announce the return of the Model 1873 lever-action rifle for 2013. The Model 73 is world- renowned as “The Gun That Won the West.” Now consumers can own the real thing—a genuine Winchester Repeating Arms Model 73 with an oil-finished walnut stock, a classic blued steel crescent buttplate, and a 20-round barrel, just like the original. Other features include a full-length magazine tube, a semi-buckhorn rear sight with a Marble Arms goldbead front sight, a steel loading gate, and a receiver rear tang drilled and tapped for an optional tang-mounted rear sight. Offered in .357/38 Spcl. chambering. SRP: $1,299.99.

Winchester Repeating Arms will also add a Model 94 Carbine to the historical line of lever-action offerings. The new Model 94 Carbine will feature a walnut stock with satin finish, authentic straight-grip styling, a blued steel carbine strap buttplate for smooth shouldering, and a blued steel forearm band that all offer a nostalgic look. It will be available with a 20-inch barrel in .30/30 Win. or .38/55 Win. SRP: $1,199.99.

New in the Model 70 bolt- action line for 2013 are the Ultimate Shadow Hunter SS and Ultimate Shadow Hunter, which both feature lightweight synthetic stocks in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. The Ultimate Shadow Hunter SS will feature a forged stainless-steel receiver and a sporter-weight free-floating stainless- steel barrel. The Ultimate Shadow Hunter will feature a forged steel receiver and a sporter-weight free-floating barrel with blued finish. A pre- ’64-style controlled-round feed with claw extractor is also featured on both models. It will be available in most popular short-action calibers with 22-inch barrels, Short Magnum, and standard calibers with 24-inch barrels and long- action magnum calibers with 26-inch barrel lengths. SRP: 1,039.99 to $1,079.99, Model 70 Ultimate Shadow Hunter SS; $829.99 to $869.99, Model 70 Ultimate Shadow Hunter. (801-876-3440; winchesterguns.com)