Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018


Two new M2 20-gauge models—a new short-stocked 12-gauge M2 and a lightweight synthetic 12-gauge Montefeltro—join Benelli’s recoil-operated semi-auto shotgun line this year. The M2 20-Gauge Left Hand (SRP: $1,499) is a true southpaw model. It features a 26-inch barrel chambered for 3-inch loads with a red bar front sight and is threaded for interchangeable Crio Choke tubes. They are supplied in C, IC, M, IM, and F. The length of pull is a standard 143⁄8inches, with a 21⁄4-inch drop at heel and a 1.5- inch drop at comb. Shims to adjust both drop and cast are included. Magazine capacity is 3 + 1, and Benelli states the minimum recommended load for all M2 20-gauge shotguns is 21⁄2 dram, 7⁄8 ounce. Empty weight is a trim 5.8 pounds.

The M2 20-Gauge Comfortech Short Stock (SRP: $1,409) is designed for smaller- statured shooters, with a length of pull of 13 1∕8-inch, a 2 1∕8-inch drop at heel, and a 11∕2-inch drop at comb. Shims to adjust drop and cast are included. The 24-inch, 3-inch- chambered barrel features a red bar front sight, and Crio choke tubes in C, IC, M, IM, and F are supplied. Magazine capacity is 3 + 1, and the empty weight is 5.8 pounds. The new M2 12-gauge Comfortech Short Stock (SRP: $1,359) is likewise designed for smaller-statured shooters and features the same stock specifications as the 20-Gauge Short Stock, with cast and drop adjustment shims included. Chambered for 3-inch shells, the 26-inch barrel features a red bar front sight, and Crio Choke tubes are supplied in C, IC, M, IM, and F. Empty weight is 7 pounds.
The Montefeltro Synthetic 12-Gauge (26-inch barrel) is the first Montefeltro to use a synthetic stock. It features a 14 3⁄8-inch length of pull, 21⁄4-inch drop at heel; and 11∕2-inch drop at comb. The 26-inch barrel wears a red bar front sight and uses Crio choke tubes, which are included (IC, M, and F). The magazine capacity is 4 + 1, and Benelli recommends a 3-dram, 11⁄8-ounce load as the minimum for reliable operation. (301-283- 6981; benelliusa.com)

Regardless of your customer base, or the size of their wallets, there will be something for everyone in this year’s selection of new shotgun models. As with every other segment of the firearms market, personal defense is a strong seller. And few would argue with a shotgun in that role. This year sees a number of new home-defense models, including some effective and practical 20-gauge versions.

In the field gun area, new models seem to reflect the need for a lower price point, with a number of pump-action guns hitting that mark. In that regard, a new Versa Max version from Remington delivers semi-auto performance for a more modest price.

Over/under models are also well represented, including some very upper-level collector-grade models from Browning. But there are some more modestly priced field models that will capture the attention of those who prefer fixed-breech guns.


Beginning in 2013, Browning will introduce a new High Grade program. Each year, two exquisite firearms will be added to the line. These limited editions will include additional engraving, gold accents, high-grade wood, and other features that separate them from standard models. Two Citori 725 models (a Grade III and Grade V in 12-gauge with 26- or 28-inch barrels) kick off the program.

The new Grade III 725 receiver features high-relief engraving of pheasants on the left and mallards on the right, with a dog on the bottom, in silver nitride finish. The stock and forearm feature Grade III/IV walnut with gloss finish and sharp 20-lines-per-inch checkering. SRP: $3,729.99. The new Grade V 725 High Grade receiver features full-coverage high-relief engraving with gold-enhanced pheasants on the left and mallards on the right. The stock and forearm feature Grade V/VI walnut with sharp 22-lpi checkering. SRP: $5,599.99.

New to Browning’s Citori 725 line is a 725 Feather 12-gauge model that features a lightweight alloy receiver with steel breech face and hinge pin. The low-profile design of the 725 receiver has accented, high-relief engraving with a silver nitride finish. Other features include the FireLite mechanical trigger system, a gloss oil finish Grade II/III walnut stock and forearm, Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones, Invector DS choke tubes, and an Inflex II Technology recoil pad. Available in 26- or 28-inch barrel lengths. SRP: $2,649.99.

Also new in Browning’s shotgun lineup is the A5 12-gauge semi-auto, which will be offered in the new Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo. Unique features found on the A5 action include the recoil-operated Kinematic Drive, along with a strong, lightweight aluminum-alloy receiver, a composite stock and forearm with textured gripping surfaces, the Speed Load Plus patented feeding system, and Browning’s new Invector DS choke-tube system. An ABS case is included. It will be available in 26-, 28-, and 30-inch barrel lengths in 3-inch chambering. SRP: $1,559.99.
Browning will expand its Micro Midas line of youth- oriented firearms to include the new BT-99 Micro Midas 12-gauge trap and BPS Micro Midas gauge pump models. The stock on the new BT-99 Micro Midas is scaled down to comfortably fit smaller shooters and features a compact 13-inch length-of-pull stock and beaver- tail forearm in satin walnut. It will be offered in 28- or 30-inch barrel lengths. SRP: $1,429.99.

The new BPS Micro Midas will be offered in 12-, 20-, 28-gauge and .410. The scaleddown 13-inch length-of-pull stock fits smaller shooters. An Inflex Technology recoil pad is supplied on the 12-gauge model. It will be available with 24- or 26-inch barrels in all gauges. SRP: $649.99 to $689.99. All Micro Midas firearms qualify for the Growth Insurance Program, which allows new owners to purchase a full-size stock at 50 percent off the retail price.

Browning will expand the Maxus line of 12-gauge gasoperated semi-auto shotguns to include the new Maxus Ultimate and Maxus Sporting Golden Clays models for 2013. The Maxus Ultimate’s lightweight receiver will feature laser engraving (pheasants on the right, mallard on the left) with a durable satin-nickel finish. Other features include a polished, engine-turned bolt finish, a gloss-finish Grade III walnut stock and Speed Lock forearm with 22-lpi checkering, and is shim-adjustable for length of pull, cast, and drop. It ships with an ABS case, and will be available in 26-, 28-, and 30-inch barrel lengths. SRP: $1,869.99.

The new Maxus Sporting Golden Clays model features gold-enhanced engravings of game birds transforming into a clay target (quail on the right, mallards on the left) with a durable satin-nickel finish. The gloss finish stock and forearm are in Grade III walnut with close-radius pistol grip. It will be supplied with five InvectorPlus choke tubes, an Inflex Technology recoil pad, a Hi-Viz Pro-Comp fiber-optic front sight, shim adjustment, and two 1⁄4-inch stock spacers. An ABS case is included, and it will be available in 28- or 30-inch barrel lengths. SRP: $1,999.99. (801-876-2711; browning.com)


Well-known for its Old West– style firearms that are highly respected on the Single Action Shooting Society tournament trail, as well as by aficionados of those period arms, Cimarron added a new Coach Gun this year. The new 1878 Coach Gun is a 12-gauge side-by-side double barrel with exposed working hammers, double triggers, and period-correct extractors instead of ejectors. Available in 20- or 26-inch barrel lengths that feature a chrome-lined bore and a raised rib and bead front sight, it will be chambered for 3-inch shells with fixed-cylinder chokes. American black walnut furniture completes the pack-age. Empty weight is 7.5 pounds. SRP: $574.60 for the 20-inch version, $594.10 for the 26-inch model. (830-997- 9090; cimarron firearms .com)


Legacy Sports adds a light- weight 20-gauge frame-size shotgun to its Escort line this year, and it will be available in both right- and true left-handed versions. The new Escort 20 features a 26-inch nickel chrome moly-lined barrel (proofed for steel shot) sporting a raised ventilated rib with a fiber-optic front sight and is chambered for 3-inch shells. The barrel is threaded for inter- changeable choke tubes and five tubes (Skeet, IC, M, IM, F) are supplied with the gun. The gas-operated action utilizes the Escort SMART valve-cycling system, which will reliably handle all 20-gauge shells from 3-inch magnums to light 23⁄4-inch target loads. The Escort’s FAST loading system and magazine cut-off feature allows for both quick reloading and rapid changes of chambered shells to meet changing conditions. The guns are equipped with wood stocks and forends in a high-gloss finish and weigh in at a petite 6.5 pounds. SRP: $603.
The Legacy Sports Escort Youth and Ladies 20-gauge model shotgun features a length of pull of 13 inches and barrel lengths of 22 or 26 inches, and is supplied with inter- changeable choke tubes in IC, M, and F. It features a raised ventilated rib with a Spark fiber-optic sight. The action uses Escort’s FAST loading system, SMART valve-cycling system, and a magazine cut-off to allow a quick change of shells.
For 2013, that model will now be available in Moon Shine Muddy Girl camo, a pink/black/silver-white brush pattern (SRP: $549), and in Realtree MAX4 or AP camo (SRP: $549). (800-553- 4292; legacysports.com)





Following the popularity of its first product, the XLR5 Velocity semi-automatic target shotgun, Fabarm is launching the Elos, a 20-gauge over/ under designed for upland bird hunting. The new model features a trim, round-body action that has traditionally been a hallmark of very expensive handmade shotguns. Other features include an oil- finished Turkish walnut stock and forend, a Tri-Bore tapered barrel bore, automatic ejectors, and chrome-lined barrels. The barrels are fully compatible with steel ammo. SRP: $2,295. (410-901-1260; fabarmusa.com)


Mossberg seeks to reduce the recoil created by hard-kicking loads by installing Mathews Harmonic damping technology on six popular shotguns. The guns that benefit from this reduced recoil are the 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey ($427), 835 Ulti-Mag Waterfowl ($371 to $427), 535 ATS Turkey ($371), 535 ATS Waterfowl ($371), 500 Field/Deer Combo ($385), and 500 Tactical ($368). (203- 230-5300; mossberg.com)


A price-point Versa Max model, a new tactical pump and semi-auto, and a special anniversary issue of the venerable Model 1100 highlight Remington’s new smoothbore offerings this year. The new Versa Max Sportsman 12-gauge (SRP: $1,025 to $1,175) is designed to be a lower price-point version of the Versa Max semi-auto 12-gauge. It includes all of the mechanical performance features of the Versa Port operating system: multi-port gas system, self-cleaning pistons, and rotating bolt head. It differs from Remington’s existing Versa Max in that it uses a standard synthetic stock without overmold or comb inserts. In addition, no length-of-pull kit is included, the barrel is finished in black oxide instead of TriNyte, and it includes only one Pro Bore choke tube (accessory choke tubes will be available). Finally, the shotgun does not ship in a hard case, but uses a new box format.

It will be available in a black synthetic-stock model with a 26- or 28-inch barrel, a Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo finish with a 28-inch barrel, a Realtree AP-HD camo stock with a 26-inch barrel, or a Turkey Gun version with Mossy Oak Obsession camo and a 22-inch barrel. The Turkey model ships with a TXF choke tube; the other models ship with a Modified Pro Bore choke tube.
An accessory fully rifled 12-gauge 25-inch slug barrel, chambered for 3-inch shells and featuring adjustable rifle sights, will be available for $365. It will fit the new Versa max Sportsman, and all other Versa Max series shotguns.

If zombies are a problem in your neighborhood, the new Versa Max Zombie (SRP: $1,599) may be the answer. This Versa Max 12-gauge semi-auto features a 22-inch vent rib barrel and extended magazine, with a Pro Bore Tactical choke tube included, and Remington states that it ships with high and straight comb stock inserts. The Gargoyle Green camo version features a straight ventilated rib.

If a pump-action 12-gauge is preferred, the new 870 Tactical with Magpul Stock and Forend (SRP: $871.52) is worth a look. Built on the 870 milled-steel receiver, this 870 model features an 18.5-inch barrel with an extended tactical choke tube, CeraKote coating on the barrel and receiver, a one-piece magazine tube, and a fully adjustable XS Ghost Ring sight rail (Picatinny-style) with a removable white bead front sight.

The Remington 1100 is considered to be one of the finest semi-auto shotgun designs ever produced. This year marks the 50th anniversary of its introduction, and Remington celebrates it with a special 12-gauge Model 1100 50th Anniversary collectors’ edition (SRP: $1,999). It features a machine-cut engraved receiver with extensive gold fill that is based upon the 2 millionth Model 1100, which was originally engraved by master engraver Leo W. Bala and is currently on display in the Ilion, New York, museum. All models are equipped with a B-grade walnut stock with a white-diamond grip cap and white line spacer. It will be produced with a 28-inch vent rib barrel with Rem. chokes and is shipped in a green Remington hard case. (800- 243-9700; remington.com)





For 2013, Stoeger’s recoil-operated 12-gauge semi-autos (Model 3000, 3-inch chamber; Model 3500, 3.5-inch chamber) will offer two new models each. Waterfowlers who prefer the classic twin-barrel guns will find a new 12-gauge side- by-side and an over/under designed for the duck blinds.

The M3000 APG Pistol Grip 12/24 Camo Turkey Gun (SRP: $649) features a camo finish and a full pistol grip for more precise control when delivering an accurate shot on a gobbler. The 24-inch barrel is equipped with a red bar front sight, but the receiver is drilled and tapped for mounting optics. Threaded for inter- changeable choke tubes, it is supplied with three tubes—IC, M, and XFT (Extra Full Turkey). Magazine capacity is 4 + 1. (301-283-6981; stoegerindustries.com)


More than a few well-respected self-defense experts feel that a short-barreled, lightweight, and highly maneuverable 20-gauge shotgun is an excellent home- defense tool. With a lighter weight and lesser recoil than a 12-gauge, it is usable by even the most petite family members. And at the usual close range that occurs in such situations, the standard 20-pellet No. 3 buckshot 20-gauge load is nothing to sneer at—it’s more than adequate for the task. Weatherby adds two such guns to their lineup in 2013.

The PA-08 TR Threat Response Shotgun is a 20-gauge pump-action gun that features a straight stock (stock and forearm are molded from black synthetic) with sling-swivel studs installed. The receiver is a lightweight CNC-machined aluminum alloy. The 18.5-inch chromelined non-ribbed barrel is chambered for 3-inch shells and features a white-dot blade front sight. The empty weight is approximately 6 pounds and the overall length is a compact 39 inches. SRP: $399.
The new PA-459 TR Threat Response Pump Shotgun uses the same CNC aluminum- alloy receiver and barrel, but adds a number of additional features. The black synthetic stock is a full pistol-grip configuration with a textured rubber grip area and a compact 13-5-inch length of pull. The forearm is extended for easier pump operation, and the stock is equipped with sling-swivel studs. The barrel is fitted with an extended and ported choke tube, and the upper receiver features an installed Picatinny rail that can accept virtually all red-dot sights. The rail comes equipped with an adjustable Ghost Ring sight that mates with an elevated blade front sight that incorporates a fiberoptic insert for quick target acquisition. SRP: $499.
For those who prefer a more traditional field-grade pumpaction shotgun, the same action used in the home-defense models is available in a basic 20-gauge field gun. The PA-08 Synthetic Shotgun uses the same action, a straight black synthetic stock, and a 3-inch chambered 20-gauge chrome- lined barrel. Available in 26- or 28-inch barrel lengths, it features a raised rib and a brassbead front sight.

Interchangeable choke tubes in IC, M, and F are included, as are sling-swivel studs. All metalwork is matte black to reduce glare. SRP: $399. (800- 227-2016; weatherby



New in the Winchester Repeating Arms Super X Pump line is the new Super X Pump 12-gauge 3-inch Field model, which will feature a hardwood stock and forearm in satin finish with traditional checkering. Its four massive rotary bolt lugs provide support, strength, and solid lockup, and a hard-chrome chamber and bore make surfaces highly resistant to wear and corrosion. Inflex recoil pad and Invector-Plus choke tube system with .742 Back-Bored barrel technology are also featured on the new Super X Pump Field. Available with 26- or 28-inch barrels. SRP: $399.

The new Super X Pump Marine Defender will feature matte hard-chrome plating on the barrel and magazine tube for the ultimate protection against wear and the elements. The 18-inch barrel also features the Invector-Plus choke system with cylinder choke installed, and a removable TruGlo fiber- optic front sight. The alloy receiver is drilled and tapped for scope bases, and the synthetic stock has textured gripping surfaces with an Inflex Technology recoil pad. SRP: $369.99.

Also new in the Super X Pump (SXP) lineup for 2013 is the Black Shadow Deer 12-gauge 3-inch model, which features a black synthetic stock and forearm, a 22-inch fully rifled barrel, and a receiver- mounted Mil-Std. 1913 Picatinny rail that allows users to easily mount an electronic or optical sight. A TruGlo fiber-optic front sight and adjustable rear sight are also featured. SRP: $519.99.

The Super X3 semi-auto Waterfowl Hunter will feature the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo. It is offered in 12-gauge 31⁄2-inch, 12 gauge 3-inch, and 20-gauge 3-inch models. SRP: $1,139.99 to $1,999.99. (801-876-3440; winchesterguns.com)