Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018

This year, you’ll see lots of platform extensions
For 2018, optics brands intend to stay focused on optics for such popular platforms as long-range shooting and MSRs. Just the same, watch for the rise of optics for handguns-—and not just glass for hunting. Another important trend is the adoption of the red-dot sight for concealed carry. Here’s what’s new this year.

sight, Optics 2018



The CompM5 (SRP: $1,068) is a compact red-dot sight—in fact, it’s the smallest in the Comp series—powered by a single AAA battery, which gives it up to five years of continuous on power at position seven. An advanced wedged lens system offers dot clarity and makes the sight parallax-free. The CompM5 is compatible with Aimpoint 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 magnifiers as well as all generations of night-vision devices. The sight is offered in standard height for MSR mounting and absolute co-witness configurations. (aimpoint.com)

Barska Riflescope, Optics 2018

Barska the 1–4x24mm level hd riflescope is designed for accurate close- to mid-range targets.


The 1-4x24mm Level HD riflescope (SRP: $464.40) is designed for accurate close- to mid-range targeting with both hunting and tactical rifles. It is equipped with an illuminated HRS .223 bullet-drop-compensating reticle, which can be used to estimate range and elevation adjustments when shooting .223 Rem. ammunition. This reticle can also be switched to either red or green and features adjustable brightness settings. The new 1x30mm HQ Red/Green Dot Sight (SRP: $196.50) features push buttons on the side of the sight to allow users to switch between red- or green-dot reticles. An integrated light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the dot to match the lighting environment. There is also a quick-release mount. The 10x42mm Level ED binocular (SRP: $714.40) is equipped with ED glass for sharp and detailed images. The open-bridge design features a textured rubber coating for both protection and a comfortable non-slip grip. Equipped with an attachment point for use with a tripod. (barska.com)

Bushnell Riflescope, Optics 2018

Bushnell the xrs ii 4.5–30x50mm riflescope features first-focal-plane reticles and ed prime glass for rich color and contrast.


The new XRS II 4.5–30x50mm riflescope is Bushnell’s flagship optic. Models are configured with first-focal-plane reticles, and reticle options include an illuminated G3 reticle (SRP: $3,289), G3 reticle ($3,149), H59 reticle ($3,149), and TRMR3 reticle ($3,149). All feature ED Prime Glass for rich color and contrast, and lock turrets with RevLimiter Zero Stop that will not turn past zero. The AR Optics Haste is an ergonomic, waterproof, forward-grip laser in red (SRP: $248.95) or green (SRP: $348.95) designed to easily attach to any MSR and AR-style pistol. The Haste mounts under the bore and provides a bright, continuous, long-lasting beam with the push of a single button. The AR Optics Chase (SRP: $248.95, red laser; $348.95, green laser) is two sights in one. Push one button for a bright, continuous laser beam, push another to engage the flip-up front sight. The AR Optics Rush (SRP: $275.95, red laser; $375.95, green laser) is a high-rise mount with a built-in laser sight for close-quarters environments. It is compatible with any optic that can be mounted on a Picatinny rail. (bushnell.com)


The RD-842 8x42mm (SRP: $215) is a full-size, open-bridge-design binocular. It boasts high-quality BAK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics for crisp, bright images. (carson.com)

CENTERPOINT, Optics 2018

Centerpoint the precision turret line features zero-locking and resetting capabilities, plus side-focus parallax adjustment.


The Precision Lock Turret line of scopes features zero-locking and resetting capabilities, plus side-focus parallax adjustment and a ballistic 3–6X reticle. SRP: $99.99. (crosman.com)

C More

The MT series (SRP: $47.99) of pistol-mounting kits allows shooters to mount a red-dot sight to a variety of centerfire and rimfire pistols. (cmore.com)

Crimson Trace

The Laserguard Pro (SRP: $379, red; $379, green) will fit Glock’s subcompact pistols. The Laserguard (SRP: $229, red; $309, green) product line now includes red and green laser diodes for Smith & Wesson’s M&P 2.0 pistol and SDVE series of pistols, as well as the Sig P320 and the Heckler and Koch VP9/40 and VP9SK pistols. (crimsontrace.com)

Firefield Riflescope, Optics 2018 Pulsar Riflescope, Optics 2018

Firefield the barrage riflescope models feature a mil-dot reticle, protective capped turrets, and a single-piece mount.

Pulsar the digisight n355 digital night-vision scope uses a ccd sensor for extended viewing range at night.


The Barrage riflescope line is for shooters who engage targets with extreme precision. Models include a 1.5–5x32mm, 1.5–5x32mm with red laser, 1.5–5x32mm with green laser, 2.5–10x40mm, 2.5–10x40mm with red laser, and 2.5–10x40mm with green laser. These scopes feature a mil-dot reticle, protective capped turrets, and single-piece mount. (fire-field.com)


The KronusPro M30 1–6x24mm riflescope (SRP: $429.99) features a 30mm tube, a multicoated lens, and an illuminated German-style reticle with a 19 MOA circle and 1 MOA center dot. The Sight-Pro PTS-2 (SRP: $209.99), a 3x30mm prismatic scope with a blue/red illuminated 2.8 MOA dot reticle, would be a nice choice for your tactical customers. The Konuspy (SRP: $1,289.99) is a 6–24X power-zoom night-vision binocular with video-recording functionality. The unit features a durable, rubber-covered body, weighs only 24.6 ounces, and includes a battery charger, ac/dc adapter, USB cable, and 8GB SD-Card. The compact Power Zoom 7–17x30mm Monocular (SRP: $49.99) weighs only 5.5 ounces and uses a dual-focusing system. Field of view at 1,000 yards is 264.1 feet at 7X and 149.2 feet at 17X. (konuspro.com)

Leapers Scope, Optics 2018

Leapers the accu-sync series of mil-std 1913 picatinny scope rings are available in 1-inch, 30mm, and 34mm tube diameters.


The 3-12x56mm 30mm IE riflescope (SRP: $279.97) is a new addition to the Accushot line. It features an etched-glass German #4 Dot reticle with EZ-Tap 36-color illumination, plus Low Top Zero turrets with ¼ MOA per click adjustment. New to the T8 Series is a 1–8x28mm scope (SRP: $270) with a .223 Rem./5.56 NATO-calibrated BG4 ballistic-drop-compensating and rangefinding reticle with 36-color illumination. The BG4 Reticle is designed to be fast and intuitive. The new lightweight Accu-Sync series of mil-std 1913 Picatinny scope rings are available in 1-inch, 30mm, and 34mm tube diameters. Each features different optimized offset distances suited to MSR platforms. (leapers.com)


The next-generation open-bridge design Geovid HD-B 3000 laser rangefinding binocular line can now range up to 3,000 yards. The HD-R 3000 lines can range out to 2,700 yards. Features include a wide field of view, edge-to-edge sharpness, and an LED display that automatically adjusts to current light conditions. The HD-B models are also equipped with the ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) system. The two HD-B models include an 8x42mm (SRP: $2,945) and 10x42mm (SRP: $2,995), and the three HD-R models include an 8x42mm (SRP: $2,545), 10x42mm (SRP: $2,595), and 8x56mm (SRP: $2,895). (us.leica-camera.com)

Carson, Optics 2018 C More, Optics 2018 Night Optics, Optics 2018
Carson C More  Night Optics


The Mark 5 line of tactical riflescopes features two models. The 5–25x56mm (SRP: $2,339.99–$3,639.00) is ideal for long-distance shots, and the 3.6–18x44mm is a more compact design for medium distances. Both feature all-new M5C3 ZeroLock adjustments, which provides precise, repeatable tracking with a dead-on return to zero. The elevation dials deliver 30 mils of adjustment in three turns, at 10 mils per turn. Both scopes are available with or without illuminated reticles, including the TMR, Combat Competition Hunter (CCH), H59, and Tremor 3. The VX-Freedom scope series offers versatility for high-power big-game rifles as well as rimfire firearms, MSRs, and muzzleloaders. Models include 1.5–4x20mm, 2–7x33mm, 3–9x40mm, 4–12x40mm, and 3–9x50mm (SRP: $259.99–$389.99). All models offer second-focal-plane reticles, including a Tri-MOA for long-range shooters, the Rimfire MOA reticle, and the new Pig Plex reticle optimized for hunting feral hogs. (leupold.com)


The B-10 10x42mm lightweight binocular (SRP: $549) features an aluminum-reinforced glass-filled frame with a rubber-armor coating. The optic weighs 24 ounces. This open-frame design also boasts high-definition ED Fluoride lenses and a smooth, precise focus. (lucidoptics.com)


The MeoNight 1.1 night-vision device (SRP: $4,499.99) can be used as a night-vision monocular for stand-alone viewing or with a riflescope to adapt it for nighttime use. Features include 1X magnification and external brightness control. In addition, the unit is capable of target detection out to 600 meters and automatically shuts off if unused for one hour. The MeoRed T 1x30mm reflex sight (SRP: $999.99) is designed for today’s MSR platforms, where quick target acquisition is a must. The unlimited eye relief of this red-dot sight enables fast and accurate target acquisition regardless of eye position behind the sight. Features include a 1.5 MOA illuminated red-dot reticle with 12 intensity-level settings. (meoptasportsoptics.com)


The latest addition to the VISM line-up is the SPD FlipDot reflex sight, which uses dual-power-source technology. When used out in the sun, the solar panel powers the red dot, and it will automatically turn on when the spring-loaded lens is deployed. A secondary battery power source can be engaged in low-light conditions by using the side on/off illumination-control buttons. The sight uses a KPM modular triple mount with a QR Picatinny mount and a KeyMod and M-LOK mounting-plate system. (ncstar.com)

 Leica, Optics 2018  Konus, Optics 2018 NC Star, Optics 2018
Leica Konus  NC Star

Night Optics

The new SVTS riflescope line features three models: the Fusion NV/Thermal riflescope (SRP: $1,199), the Mid-Range Thermal Riflescope (SRP: $1,999), and the Long-Range Thermal Riflescope (SRP: $3,499). These scopes feature continuous calibration that ensures the screen will not freeze at a critical moment. The Heat Tracker feature quickly identifies the next target with an arrow pointing to targets outside of the visible screen. (nightoptics.com)

Nightforce Optics

The ATACR line now includes the ATACR 1–8x24mm (SRP: $2,800), with a first-focal-plane configuration. This low-profile scope is only 10 inches in length. The capped turrets have .1 Mil-Radian increments, and the Power Throw Lever (PTL) allows for quick magnification changes. The NX8 1–8x24mm (SRP: $1,800) is the latest addition to the legendary NXS line. Optimized specifically for short- to medium-range shooting, this small and compact scope adds minimal size and weight. Adjustments are a true Mil-Radian or .50 MOA. New reticles include the FC-MIL and FC-MOA designed for low-power riflescopes with bright center-dot illumination and bold, pointed lines at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions that help draw the eye to the center for instant target acquisition. The FC-DM reticle is also designed for low-power variable scopes with a daylight bright illuminated center dot, segmented circle, and .5 and 1 Mil-Radian markings. The Forceplex reticle is based upon the traditional post and crosshair reticle favored by hunters. (nightforceoptics.com)

Nikko Stirling

The Mil Precision Reticle (MPR) first-focal-plane riflescope includes two models: the FFP 4–16x44mm (SRP: $499) and 6–24x50mm (SRP: $499). Each scope is constructed with a 30mm main tube, and features include fully coated Microlux ETE GEN III glass coatings,
10 mil click adjustments, dual red/green illumination, side parallax adjustment, enhanced light-gathering construction, and the glass-etched Skeleton HMD reticle. (legacysports.com)


The new Digisight N355 digital night-vision scope (SRP: $1,799.99) was designed for night hunting but can be used during daylight. The Digisight uses a CCD sensor for extended viewing range at night and can detect objects up to 545 yards away. It features three rifle profiles with five zero saves, 13 variable electronic reticles, one-shot zeroing with freeze function, a rangefinder, and a mount for use on both MSR and bolt-action platforms with a Picatinny/Weaver rail. (pulsar-nv.com)

Riton Riflescope, Optics 2018

Riton the mod 7 line is designed for short- to medium-range hunting applications, including dangerous game.



Three new configurations are available in the Mod 7 line of riflescopes. The Mod 7 1–8x28mm IR-H (SRP: $1,299) was developed in conjunction with Craig Boddington and designed for short- to medium-range hunting applications, including dangerous game. It features a one-piece aircraft-grade main tube and second-focal-plane reticle. The Mod 7 1–8x28mm IR-T (SRP: $1,299) is the tactical version. It features an illuminated first-focal-plane reticle that can be used on a true one-power magnification with both eyes open for quick target engagement. The Mod 7 4-32x56mm IR FFP (SRP: $1,499) is the new flagship model. Using a first-focal-plane setup with large magnification range, this scope packs a lot into a small package. Features include push/pull locking, zero reset and zero stop turrets, 34mm main tube, and multicoated lenses. (ritonoptics.com)

Shield Sights

Two new handgun sights have been added to the RMS line. The RMS-C (SRP: $420) is a compact sight narrowed to fit on slimmer slides without any overhang, making the overall system more concealable. The RMS-C will fit the Smith & Wesson Shield, Glock G43, 1911 models, and 2011 model pistols. The RMS-W (SRP: $490) is water resistant. Both models fit the same footprint as the RMS, so existing users can easily upgrade. (shieldsightsusa.com)

Shield Sights, Optics 2018

Shield Sights the rms-c is a compact sight narrowed to fit on slimmer slides without any overhang.


The new Ram Series Ultra Shot M-Spec red dot sight delivers a crisp field of view with an anti-reflective and scratch-resistant lens system, plus a 65-MOA red reticle with 10 brightness settings. Features include a locking QD Picatinny mount, battery, adjustment tools, and scope cover. The Ram is also compatible with the Sightmark XT-3 Tactical Magnifier. The affordable Photon RT series of digital night-vision riflescopes consists of four models: Photon RT 4.5x42S, Photon RT 4.5×42, Photon RT 6x50S, and Photon RT 6×50. The RT improves upon the XT generation with an upgraded core and new, user-friendly features, making them ideal for hog and predator hunting at any hour. (sightmark.com)

Sig Sauer

Two new MSR battle sights have been added to the Bravo line: the Bravo3 (SRP: $479.99) and Bravo5 (SRP: $599.99), with 3X and 5X magnification, respectively. These fixed-power optics offer a 40 percent wider field of view, are lightweight, and have an illuminated reticle calibrated to 5.56NATO and 300 BLK. The reticles are designed to also work in extremely bright conditions. Engineered to fit the Sig P238 or P938 pistols, the new LIMA38 laser sight (SRP: $155.99) features either a red or green laser pointer. The laser offers two modes—steady or pulse—and automatic shutoff to prevent battery drain. Runtime is one hour on steady mode and three hours on pulse mode. (sigsauer.com)


The BTX (SRP: $2,988) is a unique system combining the features and benefits of a spotting scope and a binocular. The BTX offers both eye viewing through all objective modules in the Swarovski ATX/STX series. It simply attaches to the objective. The BTX also features an adjustable forehead rest, which can be fully retracted for more comfortable viewing, and an aiming aid is integrated above the right eyepiece. (swarovskioptik.com)


This newcomer to the optics market is introducing the affordable Q40 line of long-range precision riflescopes with two models: a 4–16x50mm (SRP: $699.99) and a 6–24x50mm (SRP: $749.99). Both scopes feature a one-piece 34mm tube, side-adjustable parallax, turrets with tactile and audibly precise 1/10 mil clicks and zero stop, etched first-focal-plane illuminated reticles, flip-up lens covers, sunshade, and a magnification-ring throw lever. The Q40 series scopes use the new illuminated TWF reticle designed for long-range precision with 2/10 Mil Radian holdoffs and holdovers.


The new Gen 3 X5L-R red laser sight/light (SRP: $249) and Gen 3 X5L green laser sight (SRP: $409) now feature a 500-lumen CREE LED light, multiple modes, and rechargeable batteries. The instant-on feature turns on the light automatically when the gun is drawn from the holster. The Gen 2 Reactor R5-R red laser (SRP: $1,490) and Gen 2 R5 green laser (SRP: $239) now have triple the battery life—more than three hours of laser use in constant mode and up to six hours in pulse mode. (viridianweapontech.com)


The Strike Eagle 3–18x44mm (SRP: $599.99) and 4–24x50mm (SRP: $699.99) long-range riflescopes are an affordable option for shooters getting into long-range shooting. Built on a one-piece 30mm tube, both scopes offer 120 MOA (3-18×50) and 85 MOA (4–24×50) of elevation travel. Features include parallax adjustment, zero stop turrets, and an glass-etched second-focal-plane reticle with 11 illumination settings. (vortexoptics.com)

 Zeiss, Optics 2018 Swarovski, Optics 2018 Meopta, Optics 2018
Zeiss Swarovski  Meopta


The premium Victory SF binocular laser rangefinder series is available in four models: 8x42mm, 10x42mm, 8x54mm, and 10x54mm (SRP: starts at $3,249.99). These binos are designed with enhanced ergonomics for comfortable operation over extended periods. Range capability is out to 2,500 yards. They can also connect to Zeiss’ B.I.S. II ballistic calculator via Bluetooth technology, so with one click the range, angle, equivalent horizontal distance, and holdover values can be quickly displayed. The new Victory Harpia spotting scopes feature two models with angled eyepieces: 22–65x85mm and 23–70x95mm (SRP: starts at $4,099.99). The Harpia design positions magnification and dual-speed focus controls into the objective body of the spotting scope. This unique set means magnification is not controlled by the eyepiece—as is typical of spotting scopes—but by the objective lens. Conquest V4 scopes are designed for long-range shooters. Models include a 1–4x24mm, 3–12x56mm, 4–16x44mm, and 6–24x50mm (SRP: $799.99–$1,1199.99). The scopes feature second-focal-plane illuminated reticles, and external turrets with Ballistic Stop. (zeiss.com)

 Robert Sadowski

—Opening Photos by Tim Irwin