Volume 23, Number 4 June/July 2015


Upon hearing from several Arizona retailers that there is nothing between .257 and .270 suitable for elk, our intrepid correspondant asks, “Really? Here in Arizona, big-game rifles are a lot easier to come by than big-game tags. Want an elk or a deer tag? Get in the lottery and hope. Want a rifle? Fill out the 4473 and take it home. For this evaluation, I had a choice of about a dozen gun shops within 15 miles of my house. I chose three independent retailers where I was unlikely to be recognized and one major independent warehouse-type company with a retail storefront. Because of the pervasive misconception that 6.5mm cartridges are “too small” for elk, I decided to test each salesperson’s product knowledge by asking, “What deer and elk rifles do you have in 6.5 millimeter?”