Volume 25, Number 7 December 2017



UT Al’s Sporting Goods, Logan Keeping an average of 900 firearms in 1,900 square feet of display space, this retailer also has an attached NSSF Five Star Range. Sales of handguns are steady and equal to last year’s overall tally. This retailer forecasts a slight increase for the approaching winter season. “We consider sales to be good. Not what they were pre-election, but they are steady—with the exception of MSRs,” said buyer Dustin Smith. Smith notes that price-point MSRs are moving. At the handgun counter, Smith Shields and Ruger SR22s lead the sales charts. Other strong SKUs include Smith &… [Read More]



IA Davenport Guns, Davenport Just yards from the banks of the Mississippi River, this 3,500-square-foot retail space sports an additional 12 indoor shooting lanes. Keeping 600 firearms in stock, this shop will celebrate its third anniversary next month. Although the store has seen a reduction in firearms turns, Davenport has found a way to push margins in an upward trajectory. “We are only down 3 percent, but our base profit margin is up 6 percent. That’s all because of promoting increased training to women,” said owner Jeanelle Westrom. Handgun sales remain brisk, with Glock 43s and Springfield XDSs pulling excellent… [Read More]

NY A&K Gun Sales, Corfu Using the old town post office, this storefront has 2,400 square feet of retail space and keeps an average of 700 guns in stock. This retailer services all the firearms it sells. Sales of MSRs have slowed at this location, but Stag Arms and Windhams do well. “It’s nice seeing more companies responding to our New York State compliance regulations. Our customers are actually getting a selection to choose from,” said owner Ken Wahl. Pistol sales are almost equal to those of last year. Glock 43s, SCCY CPX2s, and LCP2s are turning constantly. Though sales of… [Read More]

TN Final Flight Outfitters, Union City Resting on the eastern edge of the Mississippi flyway, this western Tennessee retail store has more than 25,000 square feet of retail floor space. On average, it sells more than one million pounds of steel shotgun shells annually. Waterfowl season is peaking at this location, and shotguns are attracting plenty of attention. Benelli Super Black Eagle IIIs and Winchester Super X4s are topping the sales charts. Beretta 400 Extremes and Browning A5s are turning daily. “Our shotgun sales are year-round and are as strong as ever,” said counter salesperson Addison Hazelwood. Handguns continue to… [Read More]