Volume 25, Number 6 October/November 2017



NM Outdoorsman of Santa Fe, Santa Fe This retailer has been in business for more than 40 years and caters to a traditional hunting and custom firearms clientele. Handgun sales are steady. Glock 43s and CZ 2075s hold the top positions, but Shields are just behind. “Overall numbers are good for this store, and the fall season is shaping up nicely,” said counter salesperson Lane Smith. Sales of bolt-action guns are just starting to pick up. Browning X-Bolts and Ruger Americans lead the pack. Sales of modern sporting rifles have been slow all year. Ammo stocks are excellent; even rare… [Read More]



WI R&R Gun Shop, Loyal Located in a converted barn in central Wisconsin, this small-town retailer keeps its firearms inventory below 60 units. It also has a limited selection of archery gear and fishing tackle. Top handgun sales go to Shields and Kel-Tec PF9s. A few Glock 43s are also in the mix. “Our customers are very price-sensitive. To meet their needs, we offer layaways. It seems this early summer was slower than I ever remember, but fall is picking up,” said owner Bruce Denton. Bolt-action guns, including Savage Model 93s in .17HMR and Axis rifles in .223, are getting… [Read More]

AL Dependable Sporting Center, Russellville Stocking just under 200 new & used guns, this gun counter rests inside a hardware store. It keeps two dedicated employees busy catering to a rural northwest Alabama clientele. Handgun sales are even with last year’s numbers, with Glock 43s and SCCY 9mm pistols holding the high sales spots. “We are just as busy as we were last year. Our customers are open to buying anything that’s on sale,” said counter salesman Jeff Robinson. MSR sales have slowed to just two per week—the Ruger 556 is the best seller. Bolt-action sales are up, with an… [Read More]

NY Beikirch’s Ammunition, East Rochester Started as a hardware store in 1933, this large independent has one New York and two Pennsylvania locations. The three stores move thousands of firearms per year. Handgun sales, however, are not hot, though they have been steady. Glock 43s and Sig 1911s are at the front of the pack. Other movers include Smith Shields and Bodyguards. “Our overall sales are about 50 percent of last year’s. In the Obama era, I could have sold a flamethrower to a snowman,” said owner Alan Rice. Mossberg 500 sales are picking up, as are a few Browning… [Read More]