Volume 25, Number 5 August/September 2017



UT Al’s Sporting Goods, Logan This general hunting and fishing retailer keeps an average of 1,000 firearms in inventory, and forecasts an increase in handgun sales for the fall and winter seasons. “We hit a lull right after the election. But our handgun department is really doing well this summer,” said counter salesman Cort Jenson. Glocks are holding a slight lead on the sales charts, primarily with the 42s and the 19s, though Smith & Wesson Shields, along with a number of J-frame revolvers, are on the rise. The entire Springfield line is moving at a brisk pace, with XDSs… [Read More]



IA Daryl’s Gun Shop, State Center Keeping about 300 new and used guns in stock, this small shop is located near the center of the state, 20 miles northeast of Des Moines. Handgun sales are steady this summer, with Ruger SR 22s performing well. Another fast mover is the Springfield XDM in 9mm. The Browning 1911 in .380 is becoming one of the year’s best sellers. Although Glocks are turning consistently, the numbers are down from last year. Sales of MSRs are flat, turning at roughly one per month. “Our MSR numbers are down, but higher-end rifles, like the Ruger… [Read More]

CT Blue Trail Range Gun Store, Wallingford This gun shop and range keeps 800 guns in stock , including Glocks and has more than 120 covered outdoor shooting stations. Pre-hunting season, this store has moved a few lever-action Marlins in .30/30, along with Remington 700s and 742s. Ammo stocks are the best they’ve been in years. Both new and used wheel guns are in high demand. Smith Model 60s and 66s lead the revolver category, while 9mm Glocks and Ruger compacts lead in pistols. With most MSRs restricted at this Connecticut retailer, Ruger Precision’s are in high demand. “This has been… [Read More]

GA Googe’s, Hazlehurst This rural general sporting goods, gas station, and meat-supply store stocks 250 used and new guns. Summer has been all about plinking. “We’re so happy to see .22 ammo come back. Small-caliber sales can be a significant part of our sales in the summer,” said partner Ray Googe. Standbys like Ruger 10/22s and Marlin lever-actions are crossing the counter at this store. Handgun sales are flat but still holding their own. Glock 19s and Ruger LCPs are commanding the greatest attention. Led by the Ruger 556, MSRs are selling at about one every two weeks. TN Mitchell’s… [Read More]