Volume 26, Number 2 February/March 2018



WA Anacortes Gun Shop, Anacortes Thirty miles south of the Canadian border, this Washington firearms store specializes in police contract, military-personnel supply, and home defense. In addition to a large showroom, this retailer keeps an active web presence, listing more than 12,000 firearms. At the handgun counter, Colt 1911s in 9mm and HK VP9s are holding the top slots. Sales of Smith Shields are just starting to wane. “While we’ve enjoyed an excellent selling history with this gun, once Smith put these on sale, our numbers have fallen off the charts,” said owner Herb York. Sales of modern sporting rifles… [Read More]



MO Target Masters, Columbia A serious contender in town for more than 21 years, this shop has a 25-yard, 10-lane range. Big-box stores surround this retailer, including a Bass Pro Shops just a few miles a way. Handgun sales are strong at this location. “Our traffic is excellent. Sadly, this is due to an exceptionally high spike in gang violence and opioid addiction. Our concealed-carry classes have had a waiting list for the past year,” said counter salesman Tim Quick. Glock 42s and 43s top the list. Smith Shields and Springfield XDSs are moving briskly. Ruger LC9s are also in… [Read More]

PA Dunkelberger’s, Strasburg With two locations sporting a total of 35,000 square feet of display space, this large independent services a wide area, from Scranton to Allentown. The retailer stocks an average of 1,500 firearms at each location. Traditionally, February and March are high handgun sales months. Glock 43s and Gen 4s are on the climb. Smith M&Ps and Shields are also fast movers. Bolt-action guns are slow, with just a handful of small-caliber rifles in .22 and .243 (Savage Model 11s and Ruger Americans), going out the door. As for MSRs, M&P Sports and Ruger 556s lead the sales… [Read More]

MS Philadelphia Gun & Pawn, Philadelphia This central-eastern Mississippi shop specializes in inventories of handguns. It keeps more than 300 firearms in stock to serve a rural clientele. The past month has seen an increase in Ruger LCPs and several EC9s. Other strong handgun sellers include Smith 642 .38 revolvers. Turkey season is just around the corner. In anticipation, Remington 870 Expresses, Browning A5s, and Benelli Super Black Eagle IIIs are turning in good numbers. “I’m amazed at how the new Benelli has sold so well this year. We have a lot of customers trading in all sorts of guns… [Read More]