HSM Ammunition Adds .450 Bushmaster to BEAR LOAD Lineup

HSM Ammunition of Stevensville, MT has added .450 Bushmaster to the available calibers of their vaunted and popular BEAR LOAD family, supplying a current demand.  Components were carefully selected to result in velocity clocking in at 1,950 ft./sec. with a developed muzzle energy of 2,532 ft./lbs.  The round is capped with a 300 gr. Speer Uni-Core Soft Point bullet.  That’s a whole lot of “oomph,” with devastating effect, from this straight wall cased cartridge.  Ideal for hog and deer hunting.  Since it is manufactured by HSM Ammunition, superior accuracy and reliability are assured.

From its introduction in 2011, HSM's BEAR LOAD line has soared into a most popular best-seller, available in nine essential calibers ranging from .357 Magnum to the new .450 Bushmaster.  Assuring flawless performance and outstanding accuracy, each caliber's uniquely developed load, featuring heavy-for-caliber bullets and temperature stable powders and primers, housed in highest quality brass cases, HSM BEAR LOADS are always ready when a dangerous situation must be stopped now!  A cartridge that can be depended upon under any circumstance.

HSM has been manufacturing an all-star lineup of highest quality ammunition in Montana for over 50 years. Superb ammunition for the American shooter, law enforcement, and military. Today, HSM is manufacturing excellent ammunition for virtually every caliber of semi-auto pistols, revolvers, and rifles.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of yet another caliber addition to the BEAR LOAD family. It's BIG! To learn more about HSM Ammunition, please view www.HSMammunition.com