Federal Unveils New .450 Bushmaster Loads

A new hot load from Federal—the .450 Bushmaster—is one of a number of straight-wall cartridges that are quickly gaining favor among hunters chasing everything from whitetail deer to feral hogs. Straight-wall cartridges, which are now legal in a number of slug-only and muzzleloader zones, offer a number of benefits, including superior accuracy, but will not carry as far as bottleneck centerfire rifle cartridges. With that in mind, Federal is now offering its popular Fusion, Power-Shok, and Non-Typical lines in .450 Bushmaster. Fusion is known for reliable expansion and weight retention, Non-Typical is designed to meet the needs of deer hunters, and Power-Shok is made for versatility and solid performance on a broad range of medium-sized game animals and predators.

All three of the new loads are being offered with 300-grain bullets.

If you doubt the efficacy of .450 Bushmaster for hunting, I’m here to tell you two key facts: First, animals properly shot with the .450 Bushmaster tend to drop in their tracks, to the point where rarely will you have the need to follow a blood trail; second, vital zone hits on whitetails yield the same return in meat as a deer shot by a smaller bullet.

Loaded into a Savage 110 Scout, the Federal Power-Shok .450 Bushmaster 300-grain jacketed soft-points were impressively accurate. Zeroing the rifle at 50 yards was a fast process, with bullets producing one-hole, three-shot groups quickly and efficiently. This sub-MOA performance continued at 100 yards. SRP: $33.95 to $37.95, box of 20. (federalpremium.com)

Kat Ainsworth