Back On Track

Remember Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)? It was a red-hot suppressor manufacturer that got gobbled up by Remington. Remington promised big things for its new acquisition, but then AAC all but disappeared in the turmoil that accompanied Remington’s long run to bankruptcy. Now that Big Green is back on firmer financial footing, things are looking up for AAC, as I saw last fall when I had the opportunity to shoot two of its 2019 new products.

The all-titanium Ti-Raid 30 is available in a direct-thread or a quick-detach model. It can handle calibers up to .300 Win. Mag. and is even rated for full-auto fire. I didn’t go full-auto with the suppressor at Remington’s range, but I did try out the Ti-Raid 30 on a couple of different rifles. I found that it effectively muffled muzzle blast on smaller calibers, and it also cut the recoil nicely on the mighty .300 Win Mag. SRP: $1,199.99, direct thread; $1,299.99, QD.

The bigger news for AAC—and hunters—is the entry-level Jaeger 30. Although it also can handle .30-caliber rifles up to .300 Win. Mag., this aluminum-titanium suppressor isn’t a full-auto tamer. Nor is it meant to be. The Jaeger is designed to suppress no more than a dozen rounds, shot off fast, before it must cool down. As I shot it, I felt it was a good tool for big-game hunters, as it handled .30-caliber muzzle blast like a champ. SRP: $449.

Nice to see AAC back on track. (

—Brian McCombie