Badlands Unleashes Approach Camo

Never known as a company to “take it easy,” Badlands is releasing the second pattern in the Badlands Approach camouflage series, dubbed Approach FX, along with a new apparel line for 2018. Designed using a hardwood color palette that features Badlands Adaptive Coloration Technology, Approach FX is extremely effective concealment for Midwest or Eastern hunting, as well as for the Western or Southern hunter.

Not content to merely add a new pattern option to the Badlands lineup, an entirely new apparel collection will accompany the launch of the Approach FX camouflage pattern. The 2018 apparel lineup in Approach FX will include six base layer/mid-layer pieces; eight outer-layer jackets, ranging from fleece to fully waterproof pieces; four outer-layer pants, including silent fleece and waterproof pieces; two glove options in Approach FX camouflage; and multiple accessories, including neck gaiters and hats. In addition to the more than 20 new apparel pieces, the majority of Badlands packs and binocular cases will now be available in either Approach or Approach FX camouflage. (