Big Horn Goes Big

The Big Horn Armory AR500 in 500 Auto Max is now available to big-game hunters, big-bore aficionados, and law-enforcement professionals. The gas-operated AR500 is designed and produced by Big Horn Armory and is based on a DPMS-style AR .308. The lightweight aluminum receiver features grooves cut into the front of the mag well for a confident grip, and additional grooves in the front of the trigger to allow a finger rest. All steel parts have been salt-bath nitrite-finished for corrosion resistance.

Big Horn Armory’s A500 in 500 Auto Max is chambered for a rimless version of the .500 S&W, with the same ballistics.

“All we do at Big Horn Armory is design and make big-bore guns,” says Greg Buchel, president of Big Horn Armory. “Using the .500 S&W magnum cartridge as our springboard, we wanted to bring back the concept of hunting using big-bore cartridges for the simple reason it puts game down immediately, regardless of the bullet’s construction or speed. As hunters ourselves, our goal is to bring game down efficiently and ethically.”

Big Horn Armory's 500 Auto Max is a rimless version of the .500 S&W, with the same ballistics. The cartridge can be topped with any .500-diameter bullet between 200 and 700 grains. The rifle also features a 1:24 twist 18-inch barrel, adjustable gas block, full Picatinny rail, M-Lok forend, adjustable buttstock, flash suppressor, five-round magazine, and a hard plastic case. SRP: $1,999. (