August Is National Shooting Sports Month

Head to to get involved
Dreaming of summer vacation? Make sure you put National Shooting Sports Month, taking place in the month of August, on your calendar of things to do during the long school break.

This is our second annual event, and all during August, shooting ranges, firearms retailers, public and private shooting clubs, shooting sports organizations, and fish and wildlife agencies will focus their attention on the fun and excitement of target shooting by encouraging newcomers and experienced shooters alike to head to the range.

“National Shooting Sports Month focuses attention on the fun, safety, and sociability of our sports,” says NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. “This is a great time to safely enjoy a day at the range with family and friends.”

Manufacturers, shooting sports organizations, shooting ranges, and retailers will be participating in or lending support to National Shooting Sports Month. To help spread the word about the businesses and organizations involved, while also providing a one-stop resource for participants, NSSF has relaunched

Among its many interactive features, the site contains a search tool to identify participating ranges and retailers that have submitted their scheduled events/promotions by state and date. If you have not added your business' events or promotions, go to and add them to receive a promotional package from NSSF. Retailers, and ranges should also download the National Shooting Sports Month logos for use on their social media pages, mailings, and marketing materials. In addition, the celebration's overarching "LetsGoShooting" social media campaign helps build enthusiasm and recognition, while inspiring inactive shooters to dust off their shooting gear and encouraging active recreational shooters to invite someone new to the shooting sports and serve as a mentor.