Getting a steady rest is essential for a well-placed shot. This usually isn’t an issue for a hunter in a blind, but what about the spot-and-stalk hunter in open country? Bog Pod has his back with the BOS Series HD-3 tripod (in tall and short versions). Made of aluminum to keep carrying weight to a minimum, it features a padded universal shooting rest that won’t mar the finish on a rifle. Custom lever locks with ultra-smooth and quiet operation and adjustable tension make setup fast and simple. The legs adjust independently out to any angle up to 40 degrees, with adjustable tension for better control of leg spread. Furthermore, the positive lock means the legs won’t slide under the weight of the rifle in the rest. Inch markers on middle leg sections help a hunter quickly reach the desired height, and the range of motion is good enough to accommodate standing as well as kneeling or sitting shooters. The tall version offers 22 to 68 inches of range; the short version 6 to 42 inches. SRP: $170, short; $219, tall. (