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A look at Muck Boots’ new Pursuit Shadow Pull-On boots.

Muck Boots’ new Pursuit Shadow Pull-On boots.

“Our consumers are incredibly passionate about their pursuits and their gear, and they always want newer, better, more innovative gear—as long as it maintains the core attributes that made them so passionate about that brand in the first place,” says Sean O’Brien, marketing director for Muck Boots. “Anytime we set out to bring new innovations to market, we start by looking at the core attributes we’re known for and ask ourselves how we can make them better.”

It was this philosophy that led to the development of the new Pursuit Shadow Pull-On boots that Muck launched at SHOT Show this year. Featuring the same attributes that made the laced version such a popular choice for hunters, the Pull-On version adds the characteristic for which Muck Boots have become known—their ability to slide on and off quickly and easily.

Like the Pursuit Shadow Pull-Ons, all of Muck’s new boots feature innovations that were developed for different pursuits, but each was also designed for one purpose.

“Our number-one mission is to perform above our consumers’ expectations,” says O’Brien. “We started the company in 1999 by introducing a new construction into the market that combined rubber and neoprene to create a boot that was flexible and comfortable but 100 percent waterproof. Our whole premise was that we wanted people to have the freedom to be out all day, in any kind of weather, and not ever have to think about their feet.”

That profoundly simple concept has been embraced by a wide variety of customers.That in itself should not be so suprising; none of us—whether you live in the mountains of Alaska or along a bayou in Louisiana—like cold, wet feet when we’re outdoors. (muck