Bright Future

With a new tritium license, XS Sights expands its industry capabilities

XS Sights is now installing tritium in its own night sights and offering this service to other OEM partners within the industry. Coupled with its patent-pending Ember glow technology, XS offers the brightest night sights on the market.

Tritium installation services are available for customer-provided parts or turnkey solutions, with multiple tritium options available to meet product design goals. XS is committed to maintaining a large inventory of tritium, significantly reducing lead time and inventory--carrying costs to its customers.

XS offers an expanded array of manufacturing capabilities, including rapid prototyping, MIM, additive manufacturing, glow technology enhancements, and automated quality–control systems. XS has an on-site CNC machine shop to offer partners fast production runs with value engineering-design assistance. All parts manufactured with the XS Sights logo are covered by a 10-year, no-questions-asked warranty program.

"Obtaining our licensing has been a substantial two-year project for our team," says co-owner Kellie Brunn. "This licensing allows us to meet our core business objective to be the first-choice supplier for sights." (