Bruce Piatt Offers Custom 1911 Build Classes

Over a competitive career of more than 30 years, Bruce Piatt has won multiple world and national handgun championships. And he did so while holding down a full-time police officer's position. Piatt used Caspian 1911s exclusively in competition, and he has mastered every aspect of the platform, building his own match pistols by hand. Now retired from law enforcement, Piatt intends to share his 1911 passion and knowledge with shooters across the country.

A student in a Bruce Piatt Custom five-day 1911 Build Class will begin the week with a Caspian frame and slide and a box of parts. But he or she will head home with more than just a functioning pistol. The student will learn how to hand-fit the frame and slide, and tune and fit each part to ensure optimum reliability. At the same time, they will gain an understanding of how and why each part functions and interacts with each other, thus enabling them to diagnose malfunction issues should they arise. Furthermore, the student’s Custom 1911 will be a source of pride for years to come. Piatt’s students also can take advantage of his relationships with his sponsors and will be eligible for substantial discounts for this class at Caspian Arms Ltd. and H&M Blacknitride, among others in the industry.

Students are responsible for the cost of all gun parts, hand tools, and 50 rounds (minimum) of factory ammunition for test fire. The course cost is $1,500 for instruction. Piatt suggests that retailers might benefit from having a staffer attend one of his courses. "If you want your shop to be known for having great customer service, have you considered having a trained 1911 pistol technician on staff?" he says. "Someone who has been taught to tune and install every part of a 1911 by hand, without the need for a costly machine shop. Even if you don't want to do repairs on-site, a student in a BPTC LLC Custom 1911 Build Class is not only trained to tune and assemble every part of the 1911, but is also trained to diagnose malfunctions and can therefore assist the customer toward a safe and proper solution." (