Yeti’s bucket.

Be it ever so humble, the 5-gallon plastic bucket is an outdoor workhorse, used to haul all sorts of gear to deer camp or simply to store the pellets that feed a pellet grill. When Yeti took a close look at it, though, the manufacturer decided it could use some improvement. And as the company is known for over-engineering products such as coolers and coffee cups, the inevitable result is the Loadout (SRP: $39.99). But what really shines are the accessories that Yeti has designed to complement this “super bucket.”

The Loadout Utility Belt (SRP: $39.99) features a QuadPocket design that can hold a variety of gear, from shotgun shells to sunglasses. The belt also has HitchPoint Grid webbing that fits any MOLLE accessory. The inside of the bucket can be customized with a three-tray Loadout Caddy (SRP: $19.99). So equipped, it will make a dandy accessory for dove hunters. Finally, there is the lid. This is no ordinary snap-on lid. The see-through, water-tight Loadout Lid (SRP: $29.99) uses a hex pattern for increased durability. (