Cannon Safe

The HR Series features a massive 1-inch steel composite door, 1-inch active-locking
bolts, internal hinges and multiple re-lockers. Rugged uni-body construction
from heavy 12-gauge steel provides superior protection, and each safe is
predrilled for bolting to the floor. Safe contents are accessed with the
high-security, commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock and five-spoke handle.
Three layers of extra-hard 60+ RC steel hard-plate protect the lock from
drilling and punching.

The series has a verified fire rating of 1,200 degrees F for 60 minutes The
protection is achieved with multiple layers of ?-inch-thick fire-board construction,
a special cold-smoke expandable seal and a heat-activated door seal.

Interior features include plush velour-lined fully adjustable shelves and internal
electrical outlets. The HR Series also features the TruRack shelving system,
which offers barrel-down or barrel-up gun storage to maximize storage capacity.
Further customization options include an electric dehumidifier, Group 2 lock
with key-locking dial and door-panel pistol kit. Available in textured matte
black, onyx, alpine green and burgundy. SRP: $1,668 to $1,998. (909-382-0303;