Carry Permits in Nation’s Capital Up 1,440%, Other States Seeking Constitutional Carry

That's not a typo. Concealed-carry permits were issued at a rocketing pace after Washington, D.C., authorities shifted their concealed-carry permit scheme from "may" to "shall" issue after a U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia decision last year. Prior to the ruling, only 123 permits had been issued in the city under the required "good reason" policy, with 77 percent of applications being denied. There have been 1,896 permits issued since, including some that were pending while the case was being heard. The District's Attorney General, Karl Racine, opted to not appeal to the Supreme Court, fearing an overturned case there would have national impacts.

Three other states—Texas, Georgia, and South Dakota—are all expecting to consider legislation to end carry permits for guns. Bills have already been filed in Texas and pre-filed in Georgia, and many South Dakota voters, who elected Republican Gov. Kristi Noem, are counting on her to pass legislation as well.

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