Customer Relations Expert Yacek Joins Retail Advisory Council

NSSF is pleased to announce that Hank Yacek has joined its Retail Advisory Council. Yacek has nearly a quarter-century of industry expertise, ranging from warehousing to owning his own retail establishment. In 2011, Yacek joined AcuSport, one of the country’s leading distributors of firearms, ammunition, and shooting sports goods, as its Retail Solutions Manager. In that capacity, he leads The Edge, AcuSport’s training and management program that works with independent retailers to find solutions to create winning customer experiences in their stores.

“We are thrilled to have Hank join our Retail Advisory Council,” said Patrick Shay, NSSF Director, Retail Development. “His hands-on, in-the-field approach to creating retail solutions that drive customers back to stores time and again means he brings a unique insight to our group of experts. That’s something from which both the Council and our member retailers will greatly benefit.”

NSSF's Retail Advisory Council is made up of a number of highly regarded industry retail professionals. They work to add their combined knowledge banks to the input of NSSF's members and create resources and solutions that improve how today's firearms retailers do business. To learn more, including information about the many benefits of joining NSSF, visit