Dunlop Unveils New Snugboot

The use of Purotex ensures a breathable and waterproof upper, while Purofort guarantees a lightweight, thermally insulated boot

Combining Dunlop’s proprietary Purotex and Purofort technologies, the Snugboot is the result of more than 100 years of innovation. The Purotex material ensures a breathable and waterproof upper, while Purofort—with millions of evenly distributed air pockets—guarantees a lightweight, thermally insulated boot for long-lasting comfort.

“We undertook the Snugboot project with the goal of addressing the two main issues of wearing boots, which are sweaty feet and heal slippage,” says Elroy Bongers, Dunlop’s director of innovation. “By pairing our trademark Purofort material with our new, innovative Purotex inner sock, we have created a lightweight thermo-regulating boot for all seasons. And, in order to resolve boot fit, we completely reinvented the manufacturing process with our new snug last, as well as our Stability Fix insert, which locks your foot in for biomechanical support with every step in any type of terrain.”

The multipurpose Snugboot comes in three versions. The Pioneer ($149) is built for those who work on farms or spend a lot of time in gardens; the WorkPro Full Safety ($169) features lightweight, heavy-duty, metal-free protection for those who work outside; and the Wildlander ($179) wears Mossy Oak’s signature Break-Up camo pattern and is engineered for hunters.

“We are excited to build off our innovation heritage with the launch of the Snugboot Collection,” says Colin Clark, Dunlop’s director of marketing. “The boot is engineered for comfort.” (