ELEY Brings Back ELEY Standard

ELEY re-introduced ELEY standard this past weekend at the NRA annual meetings and exhibits. As ELEY continues to establish itself as the most accurate and demanding .22LR available in the world, they recognized a need in the market that wasn’t being filled. “Price conscious shooters deserve accurate and reliable .22LR as well,” said Jamie Corkish, PR and Marketing Manager for North America, “We decided to bring back a product we had many years ago, to allow shooters of all ages and levels to experience and trust ELEY’s un-rivaled accuracy at an affordable price.”

ELEY’s technology and innovation drives each and every product to outperform the competition at every level of the product range, ELEY standard is no different. With the re-introduction of standard, ELEY added a paraffin-wax lube to the bullet for consistent and reliable function through all rimfire firearms, including semi-automatic.

ELEY standard is loaded with a 40 grain, round-nose bullet with an average velocity of 1090 fps. ELEY standard will be available exclusively in a 500 round bulk pack priced at $49.99 MSRP. To find an ELEY authorized dealer near you, please visit us at www.eleyammunition.com. ELEY ammunition is accuracy defined.

For more information on ELEY and ELEY ammunition please visit our website, www.eleyammunition.com.