ELEY’s Lot Analyzer is Live!

Have you ever wondered how your ammunition performed prior to purchasing? ELEY has made it possible for the .22LR shooter to see the performance before they buy. With the ELEY lot analyzer you will now be able to enter an ELEY lot number into the website and see many different statistics about the particular lot of ammunition entered. Visit www.eleyammunition.com, scroll to the ELEY lot analyzer and click to enter your lot number.

ELEY is dedicated to producing the most accurate and consistent .22LR at all price levels and by introducing the ELEY lot analyzer a consumer can see how accurate and consistent each lot performs. The ELEY lot analyzer will give information such as quantity loaded, group size, percentage of shots within tenths of inches from center, velocity and much more.

It is now possible to be standing in your local sporting goods store, enter an ELEY lot number that is on the shelf and instantly see the performance of the ammunition. This service will be available for all ELEY lot numbers in the United States from 2015 forward. You can find the year of your ammunition by the third and fourth numbers in the lot. For example, if your lot number is 3016-30xxx, it is from the year 2016.

It is exciting to be able to offer this service to consumers to gain their trust in ELEY ammunition across every product and pricing level. To analyze your lot of ammunition please visit www.eleyammunition.com and click the lot analyzer button to discover your possibilities. ELEY .22LR ammunition is accuracy defined.

For more information on ELEY and ELEY ammunition please visit our website, www.eleyammunition.com.