Federal Premium Rethinks the Box

Packaging matters. Just look what Apple has done with the boxes for its iPods and iPhones. The ammunition industry is beginning to catch on that how the box looks to the eye of passing consumers is nearly as important as the performance of the product within. This year, retailers will see a new look from Federal Premium designed to help move its core big-game line.

"Our products are peerless in their class, providing the best performance whether the application is competitive target shooting, personal defense, or hunting," says  J.J. Reich, communications manager for firearms and ammunition. "And to better convey these benefits, we've redesigned the packaging."

Reich says Federal undertook extensive consumer research to find a look that was eye-catching, but also conveyed essential information quickly and clearly.

As a result, he says, “The graphics on the new packaging were designed to bring features to life. Vivid technical renderings illustrate specific features of the bullet and cartridge. And because caliber is the most searched for piece of information on the shelf, we’ve enlarged this on the end flap for better visibility and clarity. A prominent call-out for the intended use—for example, big game—has replaced previously used icons to give consumers clear, instant recognition of the application.”

Federal Power-Shok rifle ammo has also benefited from a packaging redesign. "This proven product line is an extremely practical and effective option—one chosen to fill tags for countless thousands of hunters each year," Reich says. "The new packaging better reflects this and draws focused attention from results-driven hunters targeting medium and large game. Like the Federal Premium packaging, Power-Shok's many benefits have been called out, as well as the caliber, bullet style, and primary use." (federalpremium.com)