Firearms Industry Health Advantage—Don’t Miss Out!

NSSF now offers a new way to save our industry’s members hundreds of dollars in missed earnings, medical co-pays, and time off the clock for missed work and doctor’s office visits.

The Firearms Industry Health Advantage (FIHA)is not an insurance policy. Rather, it is a program designed to supplement existing insurance plans. FIHA covers business owners, staff, and the family members of those participating. It's also available to part-time employees who may not have other healthcare coverage. FIHA provides Telehealth, a free 24/7 phone or online consultation with board-certified physicians and registered nurses who provide help for things like cold and flu symptoms and joint sprains—you no longer have to take time off from work.

Coverage starts at $8 a month.

FIHA provides so many benefits, we created a YouTube video to help explain them. Go to to see it. Ready to enroll? Go to