Gamo Acquires Daisy

Gamo Outdoor SL, along with its U.S. subsidiary Gamo Outdoor USA, recently acquired Daisy Outdoor Products, maker of the famous Daisy Red Ryder BB gun as well as other airguns and outdoor equipment. In announcing the acquisition, Keith Higginbotham, president of Gamo Outdoor USA, said, “We believe this to be a great relationship with complementary brands. Gamo’s roots run deep in the outdoors, while Daisy is a part of Americana. We both share a passion for the shooting sports and are excited for the future, with a vision to grow the Daisy brand and recreational shooting for generations to come.”

Higginbotham, who has been at the helm of Gamo Outdoors USA for about two years, added, “When I first joined Gamo, we identified Daisy as a target acquisition, a very complementary acquisition, since Gamo had basically nothing in the youth market and Daisy had relatively little in the adult market. When the opportunity to acquire Daisy came along, we pursued it enthusiastically.”

When Gamo looked at it strategically, they saw a perfect fit. “Daisy has a foothold in the youth market, mainly because of the movie [the iconic Christmas Story], as well as the heritage, the 130-year history,” Higginbotham said. “We can now go from teaching a young child how to shoot and carry them through equipment into their adult years. We’re committed to the shooting sports and its safety education. Now we can meet the needs of all consumers, from BB guns to high-accuracy precharge pneumatics.”—Jock Elliott