Get a Leg Up

One of the time-honored laments of deer hunters who have bothered to set up their stands before the season opener is that on any given day, weather conditions or deer movement patterns mean you must re-locate the stand. Ordinarily, this would be a cumbersome and time-consuming practice. But if you’re carrying the Tree Stand Buddy line, you can show your customers a better way.

Tree Stand Buddy allows the hunter to have multiple-stand options without having to go through the hassle of hanging multiple stands. The system uses a universal Quick-Attach Slide-Mount System that attaches to the hunter’s preferred hang-on treestand. All that’s left to do is hang the tree brackets in as many spots as desired, allowing your customer to hunt from a variety of locations quickly and easily.

With the receivers in place, stand installation becomes a much simpler and safer operation. Each receiver is attached to the hunter’s favorite trees with the Tree Stand Buddy Ultimate Ratchet Straps. The receiver was designed with a “hoisting” loop, so that the hunter never has to carry a stand up or down a tree.

By running a rope through the loop, the hunter simply pulls the stand up from the ground and secures it before he ever steps on the ladder. That's about as simple, and safe, as it gets. (