HSM Ammunition Now Available at Fleet Farm Stores

HSM Ammunition proudly announces the addition of Fleet Farm stores to their quickly expanding list of outstanding retail outlets carrying the HSM line. Fleet Farm was founded in Wisconsin in 1955. Today, Fleet Farm is a thriving retail chain of 42 stores located in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota featuring a wide range of product, including guns and ammunition.

From its very inception over 50 years ago, HSM Ammunition swiftly earned a stellar reputation for outstanding accuracy. That reputation remains intact today with an ironclad commitment to load each and every cartridge manufactured to maximize its inherent accuracy. Using only the very best components and time-honored crafting of every cartridge, HSM Ammunition can be equated to “handloads in a factory box.” HSM, out of Stevensville, MT, today produces superior cartridges for virtually every caliber of semi-auto pistols, revolvers, and rifles. Included in this vast mix is the award-winning LOW RECOIL family of rifle rounds featuring proprietary full, standard weight-for caliber Sierra hunting bullets. For 2019, HSM introduced the TIPPING POINT family featuring Sierra GAMECHANGER bullets available in the nine most popular hunting calibers.

To learn more about HSM Ammunition's sweeping catalog of metallic cartridges, please visit www.HSMammunition.com.