Hunting Works for America Welcomes Michigan, Alabama

Hunting Works for America is a highly successful grassroots effort led by NSSF that connects hunters with business leaders, workers, and non-traditional hunting entities such as chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, and other trade associations. Through these connections, hunters gain a powerful and united voice speaking to the economic benefits of hunting when hunting-related matters arise in their local and state legislatures.

Alabama joined this powerful program in September, followed by Michigan in October. Each state boasts more than a half-million hunters. In Alabama, those hunters contribute more than $100 million in local and state taxes, in excess of $1 billion in hunting retail sales, and 27,000 jobs that pay out $613 million in state salaries and wages. Michigan hunters boost their state’s economy with more than $280 million in taxes, over $2 billion in hunting retail sales, and produce more than 34,000 hunting-related jobs that generate $1.2 billion in salaries and wages.