KFG Rolls Out New Program

Kahr Firearms Group (KFG) is rolling out a new Dealer Showcase Program. The program includes four Kahr pistols, one Auto-Ordnance pistol, and two Magnum Research pistols. Dealers must purchase all seven models to receive the discounted rate, which will save them a total of $533.

Kahr pistols included in this program are the CM9093, the CW9093, the CW3833, and the CT9093. The Dealer Showcase prices are, respectively, $305, $295, $267, and $285.

The Magnum Research program include two guns, the Desert Eagle 1911U (below, $658) and the Desert Eagle Pistol DE44BC ($1,394).

The Auto-Ordnance offering is the 1911PKZSEW, which is a “WWII Parkerized” 1911A1 ($461).

The program will run until October 31, 2015. Dealers can order direct from participating distributors, and Kahr Firearms Group Registered Dealers can log in and download the Dealer Showcase Program from the Kahr Firearms Group dealer websites. (kahr.com, auto-ordnance.com, and magnumresearch.com)