McGruff Joins NSSF for New Children’s Safety Videos

NSSF has partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to produce two new firearms-safety videos starring McGruff the Crime Dog and his nephew Scruff to help teach young children how to react should they see an unsecured firearm. The new McGruff Gun Safety videos deliver the compelling message of "Stop. Don't touch. Get away. Tell an adult." so that children immediately know what to do in a situation where a gun is unattended, if a classmate brings a gun on to school grounds, or if they find a gun at home to show friends.

The videos, created by Danger Pigeon Studios, use animated characters to hold the interest of young children. They deliver their important gun-safety messages in approximately 120 seconds.

"We encourage parents and teachers to show children these McGruff Gun Safety videos and make sure they understand the powerful safety message they deliver," says NSSF CEO Steve Sanetti.