New NSSF Range Safety and Etiquette Video Debuts

NSSF recently announced the release of an all-new "Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette" video. Designed to provide guidance for firearms use on shooting ranges both indoors and out, the video is available to both industry members and the general public through the Vimeo streaming site ( and on (

A moderator lists the basic rules of gun safety in NSSF’s new video.

The new video replaces an older version on the subject and is set against the backdrop of a brightly lit, well-appointed shooting range. The female moderator articulates the basic rules of gun safety, especially as they apply to use on an indoor firearms range, before covering an array of range etiquette topics such as range officer commands, how to uncase your firearm on the range when you first arrive, and what to do if a firearm is accidentally dropped on the range. There are also safety tips specific to handling semi-automatic handguns and revolvers. NSSF encourages all its members to download this video and make it available to their customers through a monitor streaming the video, as part of their safety curriculums, and as required viewing for first-time firearms purchasers.