Rio Ammunition

Rio Ammunition has strengthened its product portfolio with the introduction of four new shotshell lines. The new cartridges feature important innovations such as a spreader that improves dispersion by up to 25 percent and a special buffered cartridge that increases on-target shots by close to 10 percent.

Thaddius Bedford

Rio Ammunition is launching four new shotshell lines this year, including a higher-performance buffered load.

The new Royal Pheasant line has copper-plated lead pellets and will be available in 12-, 20-, and 28-gauge. The copper-plated shot increases pattern performance and improves results in the field. The Spreader line has a wad specifically designed to improve dispersion by 25 percent compared to other spreader wads. The company is also launching a new line of turkey loads that feature a special buffer for improved performance. In addition, copper-plated pellets provide greater structural integrity of the shot, increasing energy downrange and stopping power. Lastly, Rio is introducing the Vintage 1896 Paper line, named after the year in which the company started producing its first cartridges. The hulls of this shotshell are made of paper instead of plastic, ensuring the same experience felt by shooters 120 years ago, when the cartridges were handmade. These cartridges are also more environmentally friendly. The initial product range is ideal for clays and flyers.

"The new lines are a continued effort to provide better products at a great value," says Ken Pfau, Rio Ammunition's general manager. "With more than 120 years of experience and world-wide exposure, we've leveraged what we've learned in other markets to make new and interesting shells for the U.S. shooter." (