The Monarch 2000 laser rangefinder has been designed to set a new standard for accuracy by delivering ½-yard precision up to 700 yards, 1-yard precision up to 999 yards, and 1½-yard accuracy when ranging 1,000 yards and beyond. Ranges are displayed on a variable intensity, highly visible red OLED display with five selectable intensity levels.

Nikon has packed a full suite of advanced technology into the unit, including HyperRead, TruTarget Priority, and its trusted ID (Incline/Decline). With a single press of a button, HyperRead calculates distance measurements in approximately 0.3 second, regardless of how far. TruTarget Priority allows users to choose between First Target and Distant Target when ranging a target or animal in front of or behind another object.

Completing the Monarch 2000 package, Nikon housed this 6×21 optical system and ranging technology in a rugged, waterproof body. SRP: $299.95.

Nikon’s Monarch 2000 rangefinder can can deliver ½-yard precision up to 700 yards.