NSSF’s #GUNVOTE Has Unprecedented Success

NSSF’s 2016 #GUNVOTE voter education and registration initiative exceeded all previous election-cycle efforts by several orders of magnitude, and was made possible by the significant commitment of NSSF member companies, the enthusiastic involvement of retailer and media partners, and the participation through social media and at the ballot box of #GUNVOTE supporters. 

Illustrating the reach of #GUNVOTE social media, there were nearly 20 million #GUNVOTE video views on all platforms. Almost 200 million impressions were achieved on #GUNVOTE's Facebook account, which now has more than 450,000 followers. The average total Facebook reach per day in the last 90 days before the election topped 776,000. And on Twitter, we saw 30 million impressions and have almost 40,000 followers.