Operation Choke Point Docs Show Extortion, Coverup

Documents unsealed in the lawsuit Advance America et al. v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. et al. show the Obama administration, through the Department of Justice and FDIC's highest leadership in Washington, told regional directors "if a bank was found to be involved in payday lending, someone was going to be fired," according to a Community Financial Services Association of America press release. The documents show the administration listed firearm and ammunition sales in the same categories as Ponzi schemes to justify its discrimination. NSSF worked with Congress to terminate Operation Choke Point and continues to battle discrimination against firearms businesses by the banking industry. U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.), Chair of the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee, sent letters to the Federal Reserve, Bureau of Consumer Federal Protection, and National Credit Union Association urging investigations for remaining vestiges of the initiative, adding, "I am still astonished by the amount of evidence proving senior officials in the American government have allowed their personal beliefs to govern their decisions."