Otis Announces Annual Awards

Otis Technology presented its 2018 sporting goods and law enforcement sales representative and agency awards the opening day of the SHOT Show 2019. This year, the recipient the 2018 Sales Representative of the Year Award is Bill Wilson, of Jeff Robles and Associates. The 2018 Law Enforcement Sales Representative of the Year Award went to Jim Rund, of Odle Sales.

Mollie Martin (left) of Otis Technology with Jim Rund of Odle Sales.

“Bill is always willing to go the extra mile for Otis. He was instrumental in onboarding a new retail customer with more than 25 locations, and has been eager to go after the accounts in his territory,” said Kenda Campbell, Otis Technology’s western region sales manager, during the award presentation at Otis Technology’s SHOT Show booth.

“Jim has remarkable enthusiasm with the Otis brand,” said Mollie Martin, law enforcement sales manager for Otis Technology. “He’s always recommending unique marketing ideas and ways to secure Otis business for future growth.”

Otis awards also recognized its sales agencies that have worked tirelessly to propel the Otis brand forward. Jeff Robles & Associates is its 2018 Sales Agency of the Year, and Odle Sales is the 2018 Law Enforcement Sales Agency of the Year.