Proof Research Steps Up

Proof Research is a Montana-based science-driven defense/aerospace company committed to developing next-generation materials and composites to produce carbon-fiber barrels and weapons systems that lighten a warfighter's load while increasing durability and effectiveness.

As part of its commitment to quality and to implementing the highest standards in its products, production process, and daily operations, Proof Research recently earned AS9100 certification. This certification—considered the quality-management gold standard in the aerospace industry—is a widely adopted and standardized system recognized by all major aerospace and defense original equipment manufacturers.

“The AS9100 standard applies additional and stricter quality requirements for certified companies in their sales, design, purchasing, and manufacturing departments. At Proof, our goal is to continually raise the bar in quality and performance across the board, and the AS9100 certification is a key step in reaching that goal,” says CEO Larry Murphy.

AS9100 certification was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the European Association of Aerospace Industries in 1999. Because certified companies adhere to and comply with AS9100 standards, they are considered "preferred supplers" for aerospace/defense OEMs. Firms with preferred supplier status are typically considered more viable and attractive businesses with which to conduct business in the defense/aerospace industry. (