The Titan is designed to meet the grueling needs of those in the military and in law enforcement. It also will meet the demands of the avid outdoorsman. The 45mm watch case is constructed with a stainless-steel core enveloped in a Nitromid cover, a glass-­reinforced polymer with a tensile strength higher than steel. This gives the watch improved durability and impact resistance. It also has the watertight capabilities of a fully stainless-steel version, but at half the weight.

To create the band, Reactor took a lightweight, nylon-­webbing watchband and fused it inside a proprietary silicone and natural-rubber compound. The result is a band that is more durable than nylon or rubber alone, and it will not absorb odor, dirt, or sweat.

Additional features of the Titan include dual timing bezels and water resistance to 300 meters.The internal timing bezel on the Titan is activated by a large, 11mm crown located at the 2’oclock position on the watchcase that was designed for ease of use. Co-molded with silicone for better grip, the crown locks the internal bezel in place when in the neutral position. Simply press the crown in to engage the internal bezel, adjust the bezel as needed, and then release the crown to lock it back in place.

The Titan also benefits from Reactor's patented Never Dark illumination technology. Never Dark is the first technology to combine the intense brightness of Superluminova with the multi-year longevity of tritium, providing optimal illumination under all lighting conditions. Because it can take up to 30 minutes for the human eye to fully adjust to the dark, Superluminova's intense peak brightness makes a Never Dark watch easily visible during that initial adjustment period. SRP: $500. (