To Our Readers

David Heath

Dear Editor:
I bet you're going to get complaints about the photo showing a woman gripping a Glock 42 in the article "The Right Way." She is holding the pistol wrong. The proper grip is with both thumbs on the left side (for a right-handed shooter), thumbs pointed toward the target. As a pistol instructor to new women shooters, checking their grip is something we're very careful about. 

Otherwise, a very good and useful article about women choosing a firearm that fits their hand.  This is a very important topic for new shooters.

Thank you.
Gary Forehand, NRA Instructor
Instructor/RSO member, The Well Armed Woman

Slaton L. White replies:
Mr. Forehand is correct. The October 2018 cover of SHOT Business, as well as the introductory photograph to the cover story, "The Right Way," contained a technical error. The model we used for the photograph was not holding the handgun properly. It is an error we should have caught in production but unfortunately did not. We have corrected this error in the online versions of the article, which can be seen at

SHOT Business regrets the error.