Savage Embraces The .338 Federal

Savage Arms is releasing six .338 Federal models available in its most popular big-game rifle platforms. The new products chambered in this caliber include the 11 Long Range Hunter, 11 Hog Hunter, 16 FCSS, 16 Bear Hunter, 11 Trophy Hunter XP, and 16 Trophy Hunter XP. Shipments of these new models are currently being delivered to distributors.

Since its introduction in 2006, the .338 Federal caliber has established itself as a versatile, high-performance big-game cartridge. Built on the .308 case and necked-up to hold a .338-diameter bullet, this load offers hunters a faster muzzle velocity than the 308 Win., but with a heavier bullet. As a result, the short-action cartridge provides magnum energy for devastating performance on game, without magnum recoil. SRP: $1,104, 11 Long Range Hunter; $560, 11 Hog Hunter; $885, 16 FCSS; $1,035, 16 Bear Hunter; $612, 11 Trophy Hunter XP; and $740, 16 Trophy Hunter XP. (