Sig Sauer Expands HT Line

Sig Sauer has expanded its Sig HT hunting line of premium-grade rifle ammunition with the addition of .308 Win. Featuring an all-copper 150-grain bullet that delivers deep penetration and maximum terminal ballistic performance, the cartridge is a good choice for mid-size game such as deer, antelope, pigs, and predators.

“Sig HT ammunition is extremely effective in the field, and our initial Sig HT offering in supersonic 300 Blackout has been in high demand because of its outstanding performance,” says Dan Powers, president of the Sig Sauer ammunition division. “Retailers and their customers are asking for additional calibers in this lead-free, all-copper hunting round, and we will continue to expand the line to meet even more hunters’ needs.”

Sig HT cartridges are made with premium nickel-plated shell cases, and flash-reduced propellant is used to minimize visible signature while shooting in low-light situations. Premium quality primers are also used to minimize variations in velocity. (