Sitka Launches New Wader Line

Sitka Gear, a leader and pioneer in performance hunting apparel, is debuting a new line of waterfowl waders. Composed of the Delta Wader (SRP: $849) and Delta Zip Wader ($949), the Delta Wader Collection completes the head-to-toe, skin-to-shell system for Sitka Gear waterfowl hunters. Featuring a breathable and resilient four-layer Gore-Tex Pro laminate, Delta Waders excel in warm-weather, high-­exertion activities and are designed to respond to insulation layers without adding unnecessary bulk.

Sitka’s new Delta Wader Collection is designed to fit seamlessly into the company’s Marsh and Timber waterfowl systems.

“This is one of the most highly anticipated product launches in Sitka waterfowl history,” says Ryan Bassham, Sitka Gear’s waterfowl marketing manager. “The Delta Waders are the culmination of nearly five years of research, development, and testing. We designed the Delta Waders for ultimate durability and comfort.”

The waders, available in Gore’s Optifade Concealment Timber and Marsh patterns, integrate Lacrosse boots with Aeroform injection-molded insulation, creating an ultra-warm, comfortable, light, and durable boot. Reinforced foam pads cover the shins and knees, enabling the waders to endure years of abuse while you’re breaking ice and busting through brush. High hand-warmer pockets, water-resistant zippered storage pockets, and an adjustable no-buckle suspension make comfort and function a priority. Delta Zip Waders also include a durable and waterproof YKK Aquaseal front zipper for simple access. Proudly made in the U.S., Delta Waders are built to stand the test of time.

"Delta Waders went through years of covert iterations and testing so we could introduce them as the longest-lasting and most versatile waterfowl-hunting waders on the market," says Jim Saubier, Sitka's waterfowl product manager. "As the final piece to the Sitka Gear waterfowl-hunting line, Delta Waders are designed to integrate seamlessly into both Marsh and Timber waterfowl systems." The waders will be available next month.