After creating the stainless–steel, vacuum–insulated category more than 100 years ago, Pacific Market International’s Stanley brand will reset the industry standard for thermal retention and durability with the introduction of the Master Series, available in spring 2017. A century of know-how meets state-of-the-art design in the new collection of vacuum bottles and mugs that utilize new QuadVac technology for unrivaled performance for those who demand the very best.

QuadVac adds a double-layer barrier to the double-wall vacuum insulation, locking in heat or cold better than any other technology currently available. The four layers offer protection from convective, conductive, and radiant energy transfer, creating the highest thermal retention rates. To create the most durable bottle, Stanley Master Series uses 1mm-thick stainless steel, compared to the industry-standard .6mm, making Stanley’s construction 50 to 100 percent thicker than those of others on the market.

The monster shown here holds 1.4 quarts of coffee, soup, or iced tea, enough for any full day in a deer stand. It will keep coffee hot for up to 40 hours. SRP: $65. (

Photo by Justin Appenzeller